Love Running? Here Are The Top Wireless Earbuds For Running

There is no denying that wireless earbuds for running have come a long way in quite a short time.

A few years ago, you had to tangle with wired headphones and then head for your run. Right? Whether you prefer brisk walking or hard-core running, music through the best earbuds definitely helps you free your mind and give your best. And wireless earbuds get you there without having wires stuck in your way.

So if running is part of routine, here are some wireless Bluetooth earbuds that you can take a look at:

AftershokzTrekz Air

These are bone conduction headphones that work by sending audio waves to your ears through the cheekbones. They have frames 20% lighter than other wireless headphones for running, but they don’t not block ambient noise too well.

Moreover, they have a clunky shape and leaky sound particles, all of which does not favor your intense running conditions.

Bose SoundSport Pulse

Equipped with a heart rate monitor, they have incredible sound quality. These Bose sports headphones do not slip out of your ears and are quite comfortable for those longer runs as well.

They do have a small wire though, which connects the two earbuds and rests on your neck. It’s pretty light, but it’s worth mentioning.

xFyro xS2 Wireless Earbuds For Running

Crafted with high end aluminum polishing technology, the xFyro xS2 Wireless Earbuds For Running are the best of them all. These earbuds are of superior quality and make use of  v4.2 CSR Bluetooth technology. You can leverage their incredible Bluetooth technology, slip the phone in your pocket and cover up all the miles that you have set as a target for yourself.

These earbuds are sweatproof, waterproof and can withstand submersion in water for up to 30 minutes.

Along with this, they are also made with silicone material that blocks out ambient noise and gives you an excellent listening experience. The best part is, free worldwide shipping and 30-day money back guarantee are provided as well.

JBL Reflect Mini 2

These are one of the top wireless earbuds for running that come with a plethora of runner specific features. With a 15-minute quick charge and 10-hour battery life, they leverages those silicone wings that extend above the buds to actually anchor in your ears.

However, when it comes to water and sweat resistance, they can only withstand a spray of water and not proper submersion. So, you couldn’t use those earbuds to swim or run under the rain.

The Bottom Line

Whether your legs are looking for a break or your lungs are inflating for fresh air, your music should simply not stop. After all, there is nothing like a good song to keep you motivated throughout a run.

So if you’d like to treat yourself and keep the jams pumping, your search has definitely come to an end here with those choices we just presented you.

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