Top 10 Best Waterproof Earbuds for Swimmers in 2020 - With Pros & Cons

 If for some of us swimming is meditation, others might feel a little bit bored with time. Regardless of the kind of swimmer you are, you’d probably agree that listening to some music can be the icing on the cake!

But do you think water has the right to interfere with your playlist while swimming?

No, not when you use swimming earbuds designed to withstand serious water submersion and seal your ears from water. The best waterproof earbuds for swimmers will ensure you listen to your favorite music and never have to pause your playlist while swimming.

Let’s review the top 10 best earbuds for swimmers that are perfect for both competitive and casual swimming and will also enhance your swimming experience. Read further!

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Reviews of the Best Waterproof Earbuds for Swimmers

A quick comparison table:


Waterproof rating

Key features

Swimbuds 8 GB SYRYN Buds And Headphones


Mp3 player, 6 hours playback time, supports WMA and mp3 audio formats, and in-ear headphone

xFyro Xs2 Earbuds



High-speed charging, latest Bluetooth technology, durable construction, and noise isolation and suppression technology

Underwater Audio HydroActive Waterproof Earbuds and Headphones


Four different kinds of earbuds, in-ear headphone, and crystal clear sound

Avantree TR509 Waterproof Earbuds


In-ear headphone and six different sizes and shapes of earbuds

H2O Audio Stream 2 Waterproof Headphones


In-ear shortcode headphones, high-quality eartips, and eight different sizes

Swimbuds SPORTS Waterproof Headphones


Third generation Hydrobeat TM sound, Four different styles and shapes of earbuds, and In-ear headphone

Tayogo Waterproof MP3 Player and Headphones


USB flash drive of 8GB memory, waterproof mp3 player, supports many audio formats, 8 hours of playing time, resistant to heat of up to 60℃  and In-ear headphone

Pyle Universal Wired Waterproof Swim Headphone


Over-the-Ear Style, compatible with WMA and mp3 audio format, 4 feet cable

Plantronics BackBeat FIT Wireless Waterproof Earbuds


Bluetooth, long battery life, quick charge technology, moderate sound quality

Finis Duo


Rechargeable Lithium-ion battery, 7 hours battery life, 4GB storage, supports WMA and MP3


1. Swimbuds Waterproof 8 GB SYRYN Swimming Buds And Headphones

Swimbuds SYRYN Swimming earbuds

If you are looking for waterproof earbud that offers the best quality sound, the SYRYN 8G waterproof headphones with an mp3 player might be able to bridge the gap. The product features an excellent combination of SYRYN waterproof mp3 player and original Swimbuds headphones. The mp3 player meets the standard waterproofing ratings of IPX8. It means you can submerge it in water without the fear of it getting damaged while swimming. Additionally, the player supports WMA and mp3 audio formats and comes with an optional shuffle feature that is handy and keeps your music in a mix.

The product comes with a long, wide clip that ensures the device is well fastened while in the water. Also, a short audio cable that does not get snagged while swimming is included to ensure a hassle-free connection to the mp3 player. The SYRYN waterproof headphone for swimming features a sound quality that is crystal clear and also produces deep bass in the water. The product has a battery that allows you to use it for 6 hours when fully charged.


  • Lightweight, tight seal, and comfortable fit
  • Optimal sound quality
  • 100% waterproof
  • Long battery life and compact design
  • Comes with ear tips of different sizes


  • The mp3 does not support AAC audio files
  • Some users complaint that extra pressure might be needed to press the button

2. xFyro xS2 Earbuds

xFyro Earbuds for Swimming

Are you tired of struggling with wires or having them hanged around your neck before you can listen to your favorite playlist? The xFyro xS2 is one of the best Bluetooth wireless earbuds on the market with the waterproofing rating of IP67. Even though this product is not specifically designed for swimming, it is the first-ever fully waterproof wireless earbuds that can survive submersion in the hot tub, while you shower, and inside rain.

The product features a battery life of 5 hours when charged fully and 30 hours with the charging case. It comes with a slender tube that serves as a charging unit that helps you charge the earbuds. Bluetooth is included to ensure a seamless connection with devices up to 30-feets away.

These earbuds feature the best in audio engineering thereby offering superior HD sounds that provide your ears with extraordinary highs and deep. Also, the product is constructed with premium brush aluminum which makes it durable and attractive to the eye. Included is also handy button functions and in-built microphone to make and receive calls conveniently.  

Professional engineers and musicians have designed the xFyro xS2, check out their Facebook and Instagram to be part of the community! 


  • One-step pairing that connects with multiple devices
  • Noise suppression and isolation technology
  • Multiple sizes and also easy to set up and use
  • High-speed charging and durable built


  • It might not be an affordable option for everyone 

3. Underwater Audio HydroActive Waterproof Earbuds and Headphones

Hydroactive Waterproof Earbuds

This product from Underwater Audio is one of the best waterproof earbuds for swimmers that offers great durability. It is a behind the neck underwater headphone that has multiple protection chambers which makes it one of the most aqua-dynamic and watertight headphones that produce crystal clear sound while swimming. Four different kinds of earbuds are included in the Hydroactive Headphone. The earbuds it comes with are a tree, fin, eargos, and round earbuds which go deep into the ear canal and offer a watertight seal that is firm gives a comfortable and flexible watertight seal, fit on the outer ear part, and designed for casual use respectively.

The product comes with a standard waterproofing rating of IPX8 which allows you to comfortably stay longer than 30 minutes and at a greater depth inside water. Additionally, the battery life of the device depends on the mp3 player you are using with it. A short cord of about 10 inches with a 3.25-foot cable to extend the cord is included to make using it easily without disturbing your movement underwater.


  • Innovative design that improves overall function and quality
  • Secure, easy to use, and stable
  • Different earbud options for different ears and activities
  • Cords allows freedom of movement while swimming


  • No mp3 player and lacks Bluetooth capability

    4. Avantree TR509 Waterproof Earbuds

    Avantree TR509 Waterproof Earbuds

    If you are on a budget and needs the best waterproof earbud for swimmers that is affordable without neglecting functionality and quality Avantree TR509 Secure Fit Earbuds might be a perfect option. It features an earhook design that ensures a lock-in fit while underwater. Different shapes and sizes of earbuds are included to make sure you have a secure, perfect, and comfortable fit. With the tree shape eartip it offers, you can enjoy the best water ingress protection.

    The product comes with a short cord that is approximately 40cm long that offers a better swimming experience by ensuring little to no stress while optimizing it with mp3 players. Also, it has a standard waterproofing rating of IPX7 and well-balanced sound to prevent listening fatigue.  


    • Versatile and compatible with many devices
    • It offers a secure and comfortable fit
    • Well balanced sounds with adequate bass and high
    • Extension cord is included for normal daily use


    • It is not a wireless headset, and it requires mp3 players to function

    5. H2O Audio Stream 2 Waterproof Headphones

    H2O Audio Surge Waterproof Earphones

    Even though H2O Audio offers a few different models for swimmers, including Surge S+, Stream 2 is by far their best earbuds for swimmers. It comes with IPX8 waterproof standard rating that can withstand complete submersion of up to 12 feet or 3 meters underwater, which is good enough for swimmers. 

    The Stream 2 features internal components that offer the highest quality sound with premium bass. Eight varieties of high-quality eartips are included to ensure the earphones stay secure in the ear.  

    As someone who loves swimming and listening to music at the same time, you can get the most of the benefits the earbud has to offer by making use of the tree eartips. A short cable is also included to ensure a hassle-free connection to the mp3 player you prefer to use with it.


    • Satisfying design and innovative technology
    • Different varieties of high-quality earplugs
    • 100 percent waterproof that allows complete submersion in water
    • High-quality sound


    • No wireless connectivity
    • Some users complained of not finding the right earbud fit

    6. Swimbuds SPORTS Waterproof Headphones

    Swimbuds Sports Headphones

    This is another waterproof earbuds for swimmers from Swimbuds that is reliable when it comes to durability, functionality, quality sound, and 100 percent waterproof feature. SYRYN 8G waterproof headphone, it offers a rugged design, greater comfort, and better fit. The product features IPX8    waterproofing standard rating.  This means you can use it while swimming at a greater depth.

    Four different styles and shapes of earbuds are included to suit different purposes. The Swimbuds SPORT is constructed with better materials and stronger welds. The design is also improved to stand up to constant corrosion and drags that are experienced in a wet environment. Also, it has stronger short cords of 40cm with a waterproof extension cord of 1m which makes it versatile. The product comes with third generation Hydrobeat TM sound that makes listening to music pleasing to your hearing.


    • Comes with several attachment options to fit the ear
    • Designed to stay put during rigorous aquatic workout and flip-turns
    • Maintain a watertight seal throughout your swim
    • Earbuds provide more versatility and security


    • Some users complained about its long term durability

    7. Tayogo Waterproof MP3 Player and Headphones

    Tayogo Waterproof MP3 player and earphones

    This Tayogo headphone is one of the best waterproof earbuds for swimmers that does not require purchasing an mp3 player because it comes with a waterproof mp3 player built with it.  The product comes with IPX8 waterproofing standard rating that survives at the greater water depth while swimming. 0.2inches sound unit is included to provide a clear sound and perfect bass when listening to your favorite playlist. It comes with an earplug that fits the ear canal perfectly and ensures water does not enter your ear.

    The product features a USB flash drive of 8GB memory that is removable and supports many audio formats such as WAV, OGG, DRM, WMA, AAC, and MP3. The Tayogo earphones come with a battery that charges for 2 hours and offers 6 to 8 hours of playing time. Also, it has a 3-pointed triangle head-mounted design that ensures the headphone maintains its position without shifting around.


    • Lightweight and stable when mounted on the head
    • Resistant to the heat of up to 60℃
    • Memory takes up to 2000 songs
    • Offers a long playback time at 3 meters underwater


    • Some users complained about its long term durability
    • Some users are not satisfied with the sound

    8. Pyle Waterproof MP3 Player and Headphone

    Plyle Waterproof MP3 player and Headphone

    If you are looking for waterproof earbuds that are affordable and comfortable to wear, the Pyle Pyle Universal Wired Waterproof Swim Headphone is a good option. Its waterproof rating is IPX7, which is good for sports like running in the rain or swimming. The earbuds allow you to connect without wires or with wires, as it comes with both Bluetooth connectivity and 4 feet wire. These waterproof headphones also come with three earbuds available in different sizes and shapes to suit different purposes.

    For a very affordable price, the headphones offer durable construction and decent sound quality. The Pyle Universal Wired Swim Headphones are a decent quality Bluetooth earbuds that come with an in-built Bluetooth that provides a seamless wireless audio streaming. 


    • Quick connect data transfer and combination charging cable
    • Simple, lightweight, and easy to wear design
    • Adjustable and bendable for all head shapes
    • Wireless connectivity
    • Affordable


    • Some users complained that sound could be better with the price
    • Available only in one color (black)

    9. Plantronics BackBeat FIT Wireless Waterproof Earbuds

    Available in five different colors, the Plantronics Backbeat earbuds come with flexible design and on-ear controls. The Bluetooth wireless earbuds offer convenience and comfort at the same time. 

    Founded in 1961, Plantronics is a well-established US-based electronics brand known for its high-quality headsets and microphones. The BackBeat Fit is one of their latest model, designed to use by athletes or travelers to use under the rain or to some extent when swimming. 

    The affordable earbuds come with IP57 rating and offer protection against both water and dust. The over-the-ear design is also easy to wear, so you don't have to worry about earbuds slipping out again and again.


    • Durable built
    • Lightweight
    • Long battery life
    • Wireless connectivity


    • You may find controls little sensitive to touch

    10. Finis Duo

    Finis is another US-based tech brand that is known for its high-quality tech apparel designed for swimmers. The brand only focuses on products to help swimmers make the most out of swimming.

    The Finis Duo is their high-tech underwater earbuds and MP3 Player that can help you listen to your favorite music while swimming. With an IPX8 rating, you don't have to worry about the water causing any damage. 

    In addition to comfort, ease of use, stylish design, the earbuds also offer top-quality sound underwater for its size. The unique feature of the Finish Duo is the use of bone conduction technology, allowing the earbuds to transmit soundwaves through your cheekbones when underwater.

    The charging is also wireless as you can use USB-based magnetic dock to charge it.


    • Lightweight
    • Advanced tech
    • Easy to use


    • Best only when swimming (Not for everyday use)

    Factors to Consider When Buying Waterproof Earbuds for Swimmers

    No doubt, choosing the best swimming earbuds and waterproof headphones can be a quite challenging task because there are different options from different manufacturers available on the market. But when you consider the key factors that will be discussed below, picking the perfect waterproof headphones and earbuds for you would be hassle-free.

    • Sound performance – whether you want the best waterproof wireless earbuds for swimming or a headphone with or without an mp3 player, the quality of sound that will be produced is one of the most important factors to consider. The sound quality of a headphone is the measurement of enjoyability and accuracy. However, it depends on your personal taste. Ensure you go for a pair of waterproof earbud that'll show you what good sound quality is. 
    • Waterproof rating – If you want the best earbuds for swimmers¸ then go for one that has the waterproof standard rating of IPX7 and above. Even though some people believe the score of IP67 and high is good, headphones with such waterproof rating might not be able to survive underwater for a longer time. Swimming requires frequent submersion underwater, and higher ratings can get the job done better. 
    • Battery life – the battery life of an earbud will determine its playback time and determines whether or not you can swim for hours without interruption. The best Bluetooth earbud for swimmers or waterproof mp3 player should be able to last for at least 5 hours of use. 
    • Secure fit and comfort – It can be frustrating to adjust earbuds or headphones during laps frequently. To avoid such frustration ensure you go for a product that provides a secure and firm fit in your ears. Purchasing the best waterproof earbuds that feature multiple eartips might be a good option because you will be able to find one that fits perfectly and comfortably. 
    • Connectivity – If your choice is a wireless waterproof earbud, ensure you go for a product that is compatible with multiple devices. A wireless headphone having a Bluetooth rating of 4.1 and higher could be a perfect option as it provides a stronger and stable connection with the device you are connected to. It will also help maintain good sound quality which can be affected by a poor connection. 
    • Customer support and warranty – this is one of the factors that are often neglected when it comes to buying a product. Don’t you think your investment deserve some protections? After considering every other key factor ensure the best waterproof earbud you have picked has an efficacious warranty and customer support.             

    Take Away

    There are lots of good waterproof earbuds for swimming, but few of them are best for swimmers. The products reviewed above are the top 7 best waterproof earbuds for swimmers presently available on the market.

    I believe you won’t be making a mistake choosing from them because they meet all the critical factors required to pick a perfect waterproof earbud for you.

    Regardless of whether you are going to choose from the products in this article or you have another choice in mind, ensure you make use of the factors to consider when buying waterproof earbuds for swimmers to make the right choice.