How Do You Keep Your In-Ear Headphones from Falling Out While Running

How do you feel when you put on your in-ear headphone, and it keeps on falling out, so you have to adjust them every time?

- Most of us, if not all of us, will be very annoyed and frustrated.

It might make you think of not using them again during your next run or workout.  But do you think you should allow anything to disturb you from enjoying your favorite music tracks while running? - Nope!

Some workout earbuds like the xFyro xS2 have been made to stand still while you're exercising, but you probably want to fix your actual earbuds first! 

Below, I will show you how to keep your in-ear headphones from falling out while running. Read on! 

1. Go For the Perfect One for Your Ears

An uninformed purchase is where most of us get it wrong. If you ask many people how they came about the earphones they are using, it is either through a friend, the internet or an advertisement on TV. But how many people research their wireless earbud to see if it is the right fit for them before purchasing it?

The first step to keeping your in-ear headphones from falling while running is by purchasing the perfect one for your ears.

 One of the key factors you have to consider so you can get the right sports headphones that fit your ears is the Material and size. 

Whether you are going for wireless Bluetooth earbuds or a wired headphone, the right size of the ear tips is important.

Many of the earphones today such as the xFryo xS2 come with different options of ear tips. Whether the tips of the earbuds are made of silicon or foam, try the various sizes available until you get the one that won’t fall off easily.

Earbuds running

Although there is a standard estimate for the size of the ear canal, the ears of everyone have various sizes and shapes.

Human ears do not come in one-size-fits-all. If the canal of your ear is a bit bigger than the ear tips of your headphone, your workout earbuds will find it hard to see a place where they can sit. This means you have to say goodbye to the newly released songs of 2019 you were planning to blast during your next run.

Also, if the canal of your ear is smaller than the ear tips you have selected, it will be difficult getting your wireless earbuds to go deep into your canal.

However, it is fortunate that you can get ear tips that can enter deep into the ear canal and give a tight seal whether you have a small or large ear canal. What you need is to make intensive and extensive research, read reviews about the earbuds, and ensure they will work for you during a workout before buying them.

The truth is, even the best Bluetooth earbuds will fall out constantly if you don’t make the right decision.  

Now that you have gotten the right size of ear tips for your ears, what is the next thing to do?

2. Wear the In-Ear Headphones Correctly

Maybe you might have heard that there are wrong and right ways to wear your earphones. If not, I have once been in your shoes, and I will show you the correct and wrong ways to put them on today.

  1. For Wired Earphone Users

If you are using wired sports headphones chances are you always wear it by putting it straight into your ears. Of course, that is what most people do. But you know what? The best way to wear wired in-ear headphones is by looping them from behind your ear.

This way some parts of the cord will be sitting on your ear while the ear tip is ready to go into your ear canal. When you try this, it may seem odd for the first time. But when you get adapted to it, you will find out that you are saving yourself a lot of hassle because when there is vibration or you sway while running the cord will not pull out of your ears easily.     

  1. For Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds Users

It is one thing to get the best Bluetooth earbuds with ear tips that fit, but it is another thing to know how to wear them correctly. The mistake most people make when wearing a wireless headphone is simply putting it into their ear. It often doesn’t work like that because it might not create the proper seal needed to keep your ear tips in place. Here are some tips to wear them correctly.

  • Gently place the ear tips of the wireless earbuds for running in your ear and push them in a bit

  • Pull the loop and outer rim of your ear to widen the ear canal and ensure the ear tips get into a comfortable position

  • Use your hand to seal them up. When it is sealed correctly, you will feel it or notice a drop in ambient noise.

Sports earbuds

3. Whip Out Wax Buildup

This is one of the things many audiophiles don’t pay attention to.

We think the wax in our ears don’t have anything to do with the workout earbuds sitting well in the ear. Sometimes when you remove the in-ear headphones from your ear, you will notice that they are caked in earwax though it is most times minimal. You wipe them off the ear tips thinking it is nothing. What if I tell you that it affects how firm waterproof wireless earbuds or wired headphones sits in your ears?

Ears with excess wax can be the reason why your headphones keep falling off.   

Whip out the wax buildup in your ears before you use the earphones and go for the next run. However, this can only work for you if all the other conditions mentioned above are fulfilled, but you are still experiencing constant falling off of your in-ear headphones.

Wrap up

No doubt, there are tons of wired earphones and wireless earbuds on the market, and unfortunately, you might have to try many of them before you can figure out the right fit for your ears.

However, there are recommended companies like xFyro that produces wireless earbuds for running which comes with different ear tips that can fit without falling out of your ears. Also, some companies specialize in producing ear tips for all kinds of headphones.

Follow the tips we have provided and also give the companies a shot. With the tips, you should be able to keep you in-ear headphones from falling while running.