Noise Isolating vs Noise Cancelling Earbuds - What is the difference?

Do you travel a lot and love listening to your favorite tracks while you explore various destinations?  If yes, then there is a chance that you’d probably not be a big fan of ambient noise.

And you’ve probably always been curious about what kind of best cheap wireless earbuds will work for you: noise cancellation or noise isolation?

Well, both types help reducing noise, but for the best product, you need to know exactly how they do it and how are they different.

And no! One is not better than the other. Each type has its own set of advantages depending on what you most care about, and here are the differences that you need to be aware of:

First of all, the meaning of those terms: noise isolating headphones block ambient noise with a seal against your ear, while noise canceling ones cancels the actual sound waves.

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How Does Noise Isolation Work?

Noise isolation is the simplest out of the two methods. The main purpose of isolation is to isolate your ear from extra ambient noise. This technology usually comes with the best cheap wireless earbuds, to seal-off your ear canal. Moreover, these earbuds have ear tips in different sizes, so they can suit the needs of almost anyone.

How Does Noise Cancellation Work?

Noise cancellation works similarly to noise isolation, but they have an additional functional design that creates a barrier against external noise. This method generates an anti-noise signal that cancels extra noise and leaves only the desired soundtrack to the listener.


Noise isolating earbuds are the top rated wireless earbuds that block noise that is up to 25-30 decibels. For instance, they can take off noises like a whisper, which is around 15 decibels. However, earbuds with noise isolation only must have a really good fit.

When it comes to noise cancellation headphones, they work wonders for ambient noise. The cancellation technology makes your music clear enough to enjoy even if you’re in a room where someone else is playing their own music loud.

Noise Isolating vs Noise Cancelling Earbuds

  • Power Consumption

Noise-isolating earbuds do not require any batteries, as no active technology is enhancing them. However, there are some wireless earbuds that come with a charging case that magnetically connect your earbuds and offer you a listening time of 20-30 hours.

On the other side, noise-cancelling earbuds come with external batteries and draw power from the external and connected devices.


Depending on the condition, both noise isolating and canceling headphones offer you top-notch sound quality.

Noise cancellation headphones work their best when used during a commute for example, while noise isolating ones gives you a superb quality when used in isolated environments like home.

Bottom Line

xFyro’s xS2 true wireless earbuds are the best and cheapest earbuds that come with both noise isolation and noise suppression technology. They also have great design to fit your ears, so you won’t need to spend more money on noise-canceling headphones that are probably not waterproof or too heavy to run with.

These cheap best wireless earbuds let you answer your calls and enjoy your music without missing any significant words. Crafted with premium quality brushed aluminum, they come with a high speed charging case that works as a power bank and charges them in no time.