What Are Smart Headphones?

No doubt you’ve heard about wired and wireless headphones, but do you know that the era of headphones has gone beyond that façade? – We now have smart headphones!

We could refer to smart headphones as a typical wireless device, which comes with extra smart functionalities asides from streaming music. What led to the emergence of smart headphones? 

Read further for an excellent knowledge about smart headphones. 


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What Makes Smart Headphones Smart?

Smart headphones can also be tagged as hearables or sometimes addressed as smart wireless earbuds in this context. Smart headphones should not be seen as ordinary earbuds that cut the cord. What makes some models of headphones smart is the presence of smart features such as fitness tracking, built-in voice assistants (Siri, Alexa, and Google), gesture recognition features, and a host of others. From time to time, the features embedded in smart headphones are often being upgraded to become smarter.

Are Smart Headphones Limited To True Wireless Devices?


Smart headphones are truly wireless devices. By implication, this typical headphones/ earbuds will rely on wireless connectivity such as Bluetooth for direct streaming to a mobile device. Some of these truly wireless Bluetooth earbuds are known to be durable majorly due to their waterproof abilities as some of them come with either IPX5 or IP67 ratings.

However, are smart headphones limited to just truly wireless devices? Some of the best Bluetooth earbuds selling in the market at the moment have emerged with amazing smart technology. They have better-improved sound quality, noise cancellation technology, and some added functionalities. Smart headphones have replaced the use of mobile phones in that you can receive calls without the need of your mobile devices. Many other wireless smart earbuds come with onboard storage to listen to stored audio or music.

Key Factors That Lead To the Emergence of Smart Headphones

Headphones were once made available with a wired connection protruding from the headphone to the connected media device. However, a sudden surge for the need for wireless devices and advancement in technology lead to the emergence of smart headphones.

  1. Technological advancement: As times evolved, so more new technologies come into the limelight. Technology has changed some basic ideas of how we view things. This is seen with the recent development in which most brands of smartphones such as Samsung and Apple iPhone no longer comes with audio There is also more protruding AI (Artificial Intelligence) advancement with many other gadgets. This has therefore evolved the idea of earbuds having smart functionalities. 
  1. Market demand: Most companies of these hearables in a bid to satisfy their consumers looked into current demands as of the time being. Most customers would want something that gives them freedom and won’t involve been tangled with wireless overtime. They would also like having gadget that could fit into their daily activities. The pleasure of streaming music while undergoing a strenuous activity sounds pleasurable. This arouses a need for smart earbuds, which are waterproof, stream music clearly and can receive/ make phone calls directly.

What Are The Most Prevalent Features In Smart Headphones?

Smart Headphones

A lot of functionalities come with smart headphones before it is identified as being smart. When checking out new smart headphones, you need to look out for the following features;

  1. On the go charging: Having a smart headphone has a traveling companion is a good option as you can never run out of power. Most of the best Bluetooth earbuds come with storage cases that double as a power bank for your earbuds. A typical example is the xFyro xS2 earbuds that come with an aluminum constructed body and power bank that guarantees 50 hours of extra charge. 
  1. Durability: The latest set of smart earbuds comes with durability that enables them to be incorporated with daily activities. Such daily activities range from swimming, workouts, and for gaming. These durable earbuds are waterproofed for activities like swimming and other sweat generating activities (work-outs). 
  1. Noise Cancellation Technology: Some categories of wireless Bluetooth earbuds allow you to customize how much you hear from the environment. With a feature like this, you are not taken unawares about what happens in your immediate environment. You have the option to cancel out noise from the externals or adjust the level of environmental noise you perceive. 
  1. Wireless connection for streaming calls and music: Thanks to the advent of Bluetooth technology, you don’t have to use your mobile device directly. All you need do is sync with other smart devices such as your smartphones, tablet, and home system. This connectivity gives access to streaming live music, make/receive calls without the direct use of such smart devices. Some models of smart earbuds come with gesture recognition. Such gesture recognition will allow you to receive or reject an incoming call from a Bluetooth connected smart device. 
  1. Voice commands: Smart headphones allow you to give voice commands. Some of the smart headphones have voice functionalities such as Google Assistant, Apple Siri, and even Alexa from amazon to make direct and remote commands. 
  1. App support: Smart headphones come with app support downloadable on your android and Apple devices. With such App support, you have access to operating system updates and to increase some functionality of the smart wireless earbuds. More updates to your earbuds imply smarter There are models of smart wireless earbuds with fitness biometrics to detect fitness rates, calorie burn. The data collected can be viewed through the app support. 
  1. Language translation technology: Another thought-provoking feature of smart earbuds is the ability to translate a foreign language into a native one. Although this feature is not yet common with many smart models, your smart headphones pick up voices with the aid of the mic, which is then seen as a written text with the app on a connected smartphone. 
  1. Independent Data storage: some models of smart headphones allow you to shove off other media devices entirely with the aid of in-board data memory. The memory space can range up to 4GB for listening to approximately 700 songs.

In What Cases Are Smart Headphones Used Today, And How Is It Going To Change In The Future?

With the high inflow of wireless Bluetooth earbuds into the market, turning of information into action is becoming more important. Companies such as xFyro, Apple, Samsung, Bose, and more have incorporated new Bluetooth earbuds that not only stream music but can follow up on most daily actions such as fitness tracking, direction guide, smart calling, and even remote control. In the years coming with the rejuvenation of Artificial Intelligence, most models of smart headphones won’t be built just for listening but also for control. 

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Most wireless headphones have always been out to create a better audio listening experience, but this present era comes with best audiophile earbuds that combine this audio experience with smart sensing technologies. Think of how many things, such technology will change over time.

Such hearables comes with sensors that allow them to analyze data from fitness activities, act as a remote control for smart home appliances, and help us relate better with the outside world. This smart headphones not only allows us to listen to them, but they are also created to listen to us. By so doing gives us better control on the fingertips.