How To Pair A Cell Phone To A Bluetooth Headset

Whether you love intense workouts, prefer to run errands throughout the day or simply want to listen to some music in peace, Bluetooth wireless earbuds is a convenient addition to your cell phone.

These gadgets connect with your phone seamlessly, allow you to make and receive calls or play and pause music without the need of touching your cell phone. But there are times when setting up a Bluetooth headset seems an intimidating task. However, this process will become super easy just by following these steps.

So, as long as your phone is Bluetooth compatible, here is how it can pair with a Bluetooth headset:

Bluetooth Headsets That Have A Sliding On/Off Pairing Switch

For example: Backbeat Pro

  1. To enable the Bluetooth connectivity, put your wireless Bluetooth earbuds in pair mode. Now, press and hold the power switch towards the Bluetooth icon, until you hear pairing.
  2. Check if the headset LED’s are flashing Red and Blue.
  3. Release the power switch and set the headset aside. 
  4. Activate Bluetooth on your phone and set it to search for new devices.
  5. Look for your Headset and connect.

In case if your cell phone prompts for a passkey, enter 0000.

Bluetooth Headsets That Have A Power On/Off Button

For example: xFyro xS2 Earbuds

  1. To enter the pairing mode, hold the home button on ONE earbud for four seconds until the earbud flashes Red and Blue.
  2. Place your device in Bluetooth discovery mode and connect it to xFyro S2.
  3. Now hold the home key button on ANOTHER earbud for two seconds until Bluetooth earbud flashes ONLY blue. Make sure you do not hold until earbud flashes Red and Blue.

The earbuds will flash red and blue to indicate a successful pairing.

If you can only hear from one earbud, there is a chance that the two earbuds are not pairing it with each other. To fix the issue, follow the below instructions:

  1. Make sure both the earbuds are powered off and they are removed from the Bluetooth settings of your devices.
  2. Power on right earbud and then press home key for two seconds until the earbud flashes blue. (The light approximately two blink every three seconds.)
  3. Press the right earbud once again to enter pairing mode. The earbud should flash red and blue.
  4. Repeat steps 1 and 2 for left earbud and make sure both earbuds are flashing red and blue.
  5. Wait up to 20 seconds for the earbuds to find each other. Once they pair, you will see both earbuds flash red once and then blue rather than both red and blue.
  6. If they are not paired after 20 seconds, power off (to turn off, hold the home key button for four seconds until earbuds flash a solid red) the earbuds and repeat the step 1-4.

However, there is an additional check to verify the best Bluetooth earbuds that are correctly paired. All you need is to hold the HOME key on one earbud for 5 seconds to power it off. If they are paired, the other earbud will automatically pair off as well.

For a demonstration, visit

Headsets That Have A Single Button For Call Control and Power

For example: Voyager 520, Backbeat GO 2, Explorer 220

  1. To pair, make sure your headset is paired off.
  2. Press the call control and power button, and wait for 5 or 6 seconds until the light starts flashing two different colors like red-blue, red white.
  3. Now release the button and set headset aside.
  4. Follow the pairing instructions on your cell phone or any Bluetooth device.

Summing Up

Whether you have a Bluetooth headset with sliding on/off switch, call control and power button or power on/off button, you can follow the above instructions and pair them with your device.

Our personal favorites are of course the xFyro xS2 earbuds.