The Best Wireless Workout Headphones To Smash Your Gym Sessions in 2020

We wanted to find the best wireless workout headphones for 2020, so we asked real audio engineers about their top picks of the year. They covered everything from price to sound quality to some awesome new features that will take your workout to the next level. We’ve got it all below (and don’t worry, we translated the engineering garble into plain English!).

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The Best Wireless Workout Headphones for 2020: Comparison Table








Bose SoundSport Free

True Wireless


5 hours

IPX4 (sweat proof)

-Amazing sound

-Good fit

-Great auto-pairing


Jabra Elite Active 65t

True Wireless


5 hours

IP56 (splash proof))

-Very cool app

-sound filtration

-industry-leading built-in mic


xFyro xS2

True Wireless


5 hours

IP67 (fully waterproof)

-Bluetooth 5.0

-Noise cancellation

-power bank/charger carrying case


Jaybird Run

True Wireless


4 hours

IPX7 (fully waterproof)

-Very durable

-Best fit

-Custom app


Apple Airpods Pro

True Wireless


4.5 hours

IPX4 (splash proof)



-Compact, sleek design and carrying


RHA TrueConnect

True Wireless


5 hours

IPX5 (splash proof)

-super comfortable

-Industry-leading warranty

-20-hour charging case


Plantronics BackBeat Fit 2100



7 hours

IP57 (fully waterproof)

-Durable design

-Ideal for runners

-Long battery life


Sennheiser CX Sport



6 hours

IPX4 (sweat proof)

-Amazing sound

-Good noise isolation

-Pairs with multiple devices


 Before we jump into our list of the best wireless workout headphones for 2020, we’re going to break down some of the technical terms and focus on some key features that make these sets of headphones unique. The right wireless earbuds or headphones for you will depend on your workout, your budget, your lifestyle and more. Our complete guide will take you on the expressway to headphone heaven (and to that six pack you always imagine when you look in the mirror!).

The Complete Guide to the Best Wireless Workout Headphones for 2020

A great playlist can set the tone for your entire workout. Once you get in the zone, nothing can stop you—except for your headphone wire catching on the lat pulldown bar and propelling out of your ear, thrusting you into a world of gym bros grunting and satellite radio jock jams.

It’s 2020. Time to go wireless. If you want your body to be in top form, your headphones should be too!

But aren’t wireless headphones falling out all the time? And isn’t the sound quality straight out of a 1980s boombox?

Wireless headphones have gotten a lot of flack over the years, and much of that has been well-deserved. But in 2020, the latest models have upped the game with advanced Bluetooth connectivity, incredible speakers completely reimagined by the best engineers in the world, and batteries that last a triathlon.

Wireless Bluetooth earbuds and headphones are the obvious choice for quality, comfort, and ease in 2020. But that doesn’t mean any old pair will do. Finding the right pair will require you to know about the features that are most important to maximizing your workout.

Key Features of Wireless Workout Headphones

Wireless vs. True Wireless

Wireless headphone companies make life easier, but their marketing teams don’t! The difference between “wireless” and “true wireless” is not self-explanatory, yet it’s important to know before you start shopping. We’ve broken it down below.

  • Wireless: Wireless headphones are not connected by wires to any source, but a wire or headband connects the earpieces. These headphones come in one piece that is secured around or behind the head. If you like traditional headphones or are looking for security, wireless headphones are the choice for you. They also tend to be cheaper and to have longer battery life. Downsides include size and the feeling of wires dangling on your skin.
  • True Wireless: True wireless headphones are completely wire-free earbuds. This means that true wireless headphones come in two-piece sets. True wireless Bluetooth earbuds are discreet and comfortable, and they represent the new standard in wireless headphone technology. The downsides are that they are a bit pricy and the battery life maxes out around 5 hours per charge.


Do you hate the feel of your old headphones? You probably just need to choose a new fit. The right fit for you depends on the shape of your ear and your level of sensitivity to sound. The best wireless workout headphones all come with multiple fit attachments so you can make adjustments after your purchase. The three wireless headphone fit options are:

  • Over-ear: The classic headphone fit, over-ear headphones don’t go inside the ear but cover it with a padded speaker. This fit is typically not recommended for use when working out, so we don’t have any over-ear headphones on our list.
  • In-ear: The best example of in-ear headphones are Apple’s Earpods (and now, Airpods). These headphones go inside the ear but not into the ear canal. They offer high-quality sound but don’t offer the same discretion or security as in-canal earbuds.
  • In-canal: As you might expect, these headphones fit snuggly inside the ear canal. These are the best options for wireless workout headphones as they allow for optimal mobility and stay put in your ear whether you’re running, jumping rope, or even swimming (with some models).

Waterproof and Dustproof

The best wireless workout headphones need to be sufficiently waterproof for the simple fact that they are going to get sweaty. Dustproofing is also a key factor if you’re hoping to take your Bluetooth earbuds outdoors.

But just because your true wireless earbuds claim to be “waterproof” doesn’t always mean you can dive into the pool while wearing them. And, claims of “dustproof” don’t necessarily mean you can wear your headphones during a beach volleyball tournament.

Before making a purchase, make sure you know the IP Rating (International Protection Rating) to learn what your wireless headphones are actually capable of.

The rating looks like this: IP54

The first number after “IP” represents the dustproof rating, and the second number the waterproof rating. So, in the above example, these headphones have a dustpoof level of 5, which is almost completely dustproof. Alternatively, the waterproof level is only 4, meaning these headphones are only protected against sweat and light splashing.

The dustproof scale goes from 1-6 (1 = not dustproof, 6 = completely dustproof). The waterproofing scale goes from 1-8 (1 = not waterproof, 8 = protected against deep submersion)

Only headphones with dustproof levels of 5 and 6 are completely protected against direct contact with dust, sand, and other particles.

Only headphones with waterproof levels of 7 and 8 can be safely submerged in water (attn: swimmers).

For more information, consult the IP Rating chart here.

Bluetooth Connectivity

Bluetooth is the standard in wireless connectivity, and all of the headphones on this list feature Bluetooth technology.

But this doesn’t mean that they all have the same capabilities. There are five different versions of Bluetooth, and only the best Bluetooth earbuds utilize the latest technology.

Wireless headphones in 2020 are going to feature either Bluetooth 4 or Bluetooth 5. Here are the main differences between them that should concern athletes looking for the best wireless workout headphones:

  • Pairing: Bluetooth 5 is twice as fast as 4, meaning you can access your music instantly upon turning your headphones on. Version 4 might leave you tapping your foot for a minute before you head out for that jog.
  • Range: This is a big one. Bluetooth 5 allows for 200m of outdoor range and 40m indoors (nearly half a football field!). This means that you can leave your phone in your locker and move around the gym hassle-free while listening to all your tunes. Bluetooth 4 has only 10m of indoor range, which means you can’t go far from the source of your music.
  • Battery: Bluetooth 5 uses significantly less power than Bluetooth 4, meaning the battery of your headphones and your phone will last longer.

Noise Reduction

When you’re in a crowded gym trying to focus on your workout, drowning out the ambient noise can really help you achieve your swol goals. Wireless headphones often feature some kind of noise reduction technology, but they’re not all the same. Here’s what to keep an ear out for:

  • Noise canceling: Noise canceling earbuds feature technology that actually counters the sound waves entering your ear and prevents you from tuning into the outside world. These are amazing for getting into the zone.
  • Noise Isolating: Noise isolating headphones do not feature technology that cancels soundwaves. Instead, they simply block noise from entering your ear by sealing the ear canal with a barrier (i.e. the earbud). Noise isolating earbuds may have a tighter or more ergonomic fit to effectively eliminate ambient sound.

Note: It is NOT recommended to use noise canceling or isolating headphones while in urban, outdoor areas, as they increase the risk of having an accident. Noise canceling capabilities can be switched off on most headphones.


The whole point of wireless headphones is to lose the excess baggage and simplify your listening experience. So, on-ear controls are a must. The best wireless workout headphones on this list feature intuitive button controls or touch commands that allow you to play, pause, skip, and adjust the volume of your tunes.

And, some let you go above and beyond just controlling your music. Thanks to an internal microphone, many wireless Bluetooth earbuds allow you to make and answer calls, access digital assistants (Siri, Google, etc.), and to navigate your phone without a single touch.

These headphones make it incredibly easy to stay available at work, chat with family, make dinner reservations and much more while on the elliptical or the track.

Carrying Case

As wireless Bluetooth earbuds are small and may be fragile, a durable carrying case is key to maintaining their functionality and increasing their lifespan.

The best carrying cases:

  • Protect the earbuds: If you’re an athlete, chances are that your case is going to get banged around and encounter some harsh environments. A hardshell case with optimal waterproofing will keep your wireless headphones like new for years to come.
  • Are portable: A good carrying case should slip easily into your pocket. A bulky case defeats the entire purpose of going wireless.
  • Charge your earbuds: Your wireless earbuds might only hold a 5-hour charge, but your carrying case should hold 2-4 more charges to keep your headphones ready at all times.
  • Double as a power bank: Your headphones are charged, but your phone is about to die. A quality carrying case will also function as a power bank, allowing you to charge all of your devices.
  • Look cool: Your wireless headphones should be a fashion statement even when they’re not in your ears.


A protective warranty is especially important for wireless earbuds and headphones. While the technology has made leaps and bounds recently, it’s relatively new and certain kinks are still being worked out.

A good warranty tells you that the manufacturer stands behind their product. As wireless earbuds are quite expensive, you don’t want to risk spending hundreds on an unprotected pair of earbuds. Only consider buying a pair of wireless headphones that are covered by at least a 1-year warranty.

A good warranty should also provide important information on how waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof the product really is, and it should give details on how to replace a lost earbud.

The 8 Best Wireless Workout Headphones for 2020

Our audio engineering consultants listened hard to dozens of pairs of wireless and true wireless headphones before recommending their top picks. We then talked to real athletes who purchased one or more of each product to narrow down our picks to the top 8 that made this list.

True Wireless Headphones

True wireless headphones are wireless earbuds that are connected by nothing more than a Bluetooth signal. These make up the brunt of our list of the best wireless workout headphones for 2020.

xFyro xS2



  • Highest IP Rating of any wireless earbuds
  • Comfortable and secure fit
  • 30-hour power bank carrying case


  • Some pairing issues when earbuds are used independently

Recommended for: All athletes, music lovers

The xFyro xS2 wireless earbuds look and sound incredible. Plus, they boast some high-tech features that our engineers were crazy about.

To start, xFyro features speakers are designed by engineers from Bose and Harman Kardon, so you get some of the best sound in the industry at a fraction of the price. They are also made with the latest in cutting-edge tech such as CVC 6.0 noise cancellation, Bluetooth 5.0, and IP67 water and dust protection (the best of any headphones on this list!).

For athletes, these true wireless headphones are a godsend. The perfect-fit design allows you to customize your fit for comfort and security. These things do not budge, yet you can barely feel them in your ear. Plus, thanks to being completely waterproof, they are ideal for swimmers, showers, and saunas.

xFyro’s internal mic makes the headphones truly wireless, as you can access your phone and make calls all completely hands-free.

Its battery may not go above and beyond, but the ultra-slim aluminum alloy carrying case holds 30 hours (6 full charges, also an industry-topper) and doubles as a power bank with both USB and micro-USB ports.

The xFyro xS2 headphones are ideal for the gym, the pool, the trail, and for active lifestyles in general.

Bose SoundSport Free


Bose SoundSport Free


  • Amazing sound with powerful bass
  • Seamless Bluetooth connectivity
  • Good in-canal fit


  • Low waterproof rating
  • A bit bulky
  • Poor noise isolation

Recommended for: Audiophiles, Runners, Light workouts

Bose is a name synonymous with amazing sound, but also with a high price tag. You get both with these true wireless earbuds.

What can we say, Bose does what Bose does best: creates speakers that send the competition packing (notice we said speakers and not headphones). The Bose SoundSport Free might be the best Bluetooth earbuds in terms of sound quality. Our consultant engineers didn’t want to take them off! That is due in part to the rich bass that so few wireless earbuds are able to achieve. If your workout is mild and your music quality is what’s most important, then go with Bose. They also feature Bluetooth 5.0 and have a very secure fit.  

But, if you have an intense workout or want to keep your headphones on in the showers or the pool, these earbuds don’t have your back. A low waterproof rating (IPX4) and ineffective noise isolation leave something to be desired.

Still, Bose is all about the music, and if sound quality is what you’re after, you can’t go wrong with these headphones.

Jaybird Run XT


Jaybird Run XT


  • Durable and fully waterproof
  • Great fit
  • Custom App


  • Weak battery
  • Limiting controls

Recommended for: Outdoor activities, Bikers, Hikers,

The Jaybird Run XT true wireless headphones were built specifically for your workout, and they don’t disappoint.

Whether you’re a runner, a swimmer, a biker, or a climber, the Jaybird Run XT headphones provide a secure yet comfortable fit and good sound quality. One of the things best things about these headphones is their design. A lack of bulkiness and industry-topping fitting attachments (a total of 8 pairs of earbud tips and ear fins) make for a great fit that’s helmet friendly. Most wireless in ear headphones can’t make that claim. 

Full waterproofing (IPX7) makes Jaybird Run a great option for swimming and outdoor use. They’re also very durable, making them ideal for the most intense workouts. The carrying case is also durable and charges the headphones when they’re not in use.

Another unique feature is Jaybird Run’s app. The custom app allows you to adjust EQ levels to get the most out of your tunes. It also makes it easier to control the headphones, as they only have one on-ear button.

The Jaybird Run XT wireless earbuds fall a bit short on additional features, and they still use Bluetooth 4.1, which is too bad. However, in terms of sound, durability, and water resistance, they are among the best wireless workout headphones for 2020.

Jabra Elite Active 65t


Jabra Elite Active 65t


  • 4-mic system
  • sound filtration
  • Comprehensive app


  • Not fully waterproof
  • Some pairing issues

Recommended for: All athletes (not swimmers), gadget lovers

The Jabra Elite Active 65t are the Rolls Royce of wireless workout headphones. They combine audio tech that impressed our engineers with fitness tracking functions that enhance your workout. This pair of wireless headphones is a full-blown workout companion, even if it comes at a hefty price.

Where do we start? Jabra’s Elite Active 65t headphones have it all and then some. The speakers sound great and the EQ can be controlled by the Jabra Sound+ app. But this isn’t all the app can do. Thanks to a motion sensor built into the headphones, athletes can also track their fitness activity.

All of the latest tech features are here: Bluetooth 5.0, touch controls, long-lasting battery—but the four-microphone system and sound filtration are extra special. Four mics allow you to hear crystal-clear calls and access your digital assistant with precision. Sound filtration means that the headphones filter in sounds that you need to hear (e.g. car horns) while keeping unnecessary noise out. You can even have a clear conversation without needing to adjust the volume. Our engineers put it best: you have to hear it to believe it!  

Jabra only falls short due to some pairing issues with the earbuds. Sometimes they don’t sync up. Also, while the sound quality is very high in general, you may have to mess with the EQ on the app more than you’d like.

If money isn’t a deciding factor and you’re looking for the full package, the Jabra Elite Active 65t may be the best pair of wireless Bluetooth earbuds on the market.

Apple Airpods Pro



  • Great sound
  • Good for iPhone users
  • The noise-cancelling option is great for workouts


  • Weak bass
  • Not the strongest fit
  • Not fully waterproof

Recommended for: iPhone users, the technologically impaired, Lifters, Runners

What more can we say about these top rated wireless earbuds that hasn’t been said already? Apple’s Airpods Pro were the wireless earbuds that started it all.

But, are they worthy for your workout? That depends. Apple Airpods Pro aren't waterproof. This makes them slightly less secure. The reason they are on this list is that with them you'll definitely find Apple quality, even though they are quite pricey. If you can't afford the Airpods Pro, you can go for the classic ones, but we wouldn't recommend them for a dynamic workout as they're no in-canal earbuds and can fall easily.  

When it comes to features, Apple delivers in its typical no-nonsense fashion. The headphones utilize incredibly simple touch controls and an internal mic provides access to Siri and your phone. It also features one of the smallest carrying case/chargers of any brand, and almost no other wireless headphones pair as quickly or as seamlessly.

In the end, Apple’s Airpods might not be the best wireless workout headphones, but they’re probably the easiest to use, especially if you have an Iphone.

RHA TrueConnect


RHA TrueConnect


  • Super comfortable
  • 20-hour charger/case
  • 3-year warranty


  • Poor range
  • Carrying case a bit bulky

Recommended for: All athletes (not swimmers), those who don’t usually like earbuds

The RHA TrueConnect may not be the best known wireless earbuds on the market, but they should be. These headphones pack all the latest features into a simple yet high-quality package.

Made for sportspeople and speaker heads alike, these Bluetooth earbuds are the most worry-free and comfortable headphones on this list. Feel confident taking them anywhere thanks to decent waterproofing (IPX5) and an industry-leading 3-year warranty. Additionally, the super-soft silicone earbud tips hold tight while cushioning the ear beautifully. They are a joy to wear!

When it comes to features, nothing is left out. The RHA TruConnect come complete with Bluetooth 5, an external mic for calls and digital assistant access, touch controls, and a carrying case capable of charging the earbuds for 20 additional hours (twice as many as most other cases). The carrying case is a little bit bulky and not so pocket-friendly, but the extra charges make it worth it.

Something we didn’t quite like about these phones was that they only have a 10m unobstructed range despite having Bluetooth 5 tech. This might be a deal-breaker for athletes who don’t like to keep their phone on them, but those looking for optimal comfort will definitely want to give these headphones a try.

Wireless Headphones 

Wireless headphones are similar to true wireless headphones, but the earbuds themselves are connected by a wire or band. These headphones don’t offer true wire-free comfort and convenience, but they are typically more affordable and have longer battery life. Those who aren’t fand of true wireless (or who have experience with lost earbuds) might want to try out one of our picks for the best wireless workout headphones for 2020.

Plantronics Backbeat FIT 2100


Plantronics Backbeat FIT 2100


  • Noise filtration
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Custom app


  • Hard-shell design may be uncomfortable for some athletes

Recommended for: Runners, tight budgets

Plantronics Backbeat FIT 2100 are a pair of budget-friendly headphones with features you wouldn’t expect from a cheaper option. Extended battery life, full waterproofing and dustproofing (IP57), and noise filtration make them ideal for outdoor activities, especially running.

The Backbeat FIT’s hard-shell design wraps around the back of the neck and over the top of each ear. A large in-ear speaker fits securely inside each ear, so in the end, there are multiple components securing the earpieces in place. In terms of sound, these headphones deliver some of the best highs and lows we’ve heard. Thanks to an enlarged driver, the sound quality is better than most other wireless headphones. This kind of sound just can’t be delivered from an in-canal wireless earbud.

Other features include Bluetooth 5, touch controls, a mic for taking calls, and a whopping 7-hour battery. Distance runners won’t regret this purchase. We also loved the BackBeat mobile app which allows you to customize your controls, program playlists, and access fitness features such as a stopwatch.

The Backbeat FIT’s hard-shell design is something you’ll either love or hate. It makes the headphones durable and provides a sturdy hug around the back of your neck, but it isn’t ideal for storing away or for certain fitness activities like swimming and lifting. Still, in terms of sound quality, durability, and high-tech features, these are nicest fitness-focused headphones you can buy.

Sennheiser CX Sport


Sennheiser CX Sport


  • Rich, full sound
  • Highly portable
  • Great noise isolation


  • Some pairing issues
  • Low waterproof IP Rating

Recommended for: Indoor fitness, audiophiles

Sennheiser is a name that can’t be ignored in the history of speaker tech, and our audio engineer consultants were marveling over the Sennheiser CX Sport. Imaging putting studio-quality, snob-worthy sound into a sexy pair of headphones that can be worn anywhere and everywhere. You don’t have to imagine anymore.

Sennheiser’s headphones look and feel great, and unlike the Plantronics hard-shell phones, these can be put in your pocket or bag with ease, as they are connected by a simple, discrete wire. A combination of customizable wingtips and earbud tips make these buds very comfortable and provide some of the best noise isolation of any wireless earbuds on the market. You can’t hear a THING, which is amazing when the sound is this good.

We love that the CX Sport can pair with multiple devices simultaneously (and automatically). This makes it easy to share your music with gym buddies without having to whip out your phone. The only downside of the wireless experience is that these phones still use Bluetooth 4.

Other perks include a super-fast 10-minute quick-charge feature and an attached 3-button remote that allows you to program voice commands, make calls, and manage your music. And, with 6 hours of battery life, nothing will slow you down.

The Sennheiser CX Sport were built for sport, but we mostly loved them for the speaker quality. If you’re looking for wireless earbuds that deliver awesome sound in a highly portable package, you’ve met your match.

The Engineers Agree (for the most part)

When it comes to choosing the best wireless workout headphones for 2020, there isn’t just one pair that reigns supreme.

For pure sound quality, the Sennheiser CX Sport and Bose SoundSport Free are great picks. Our engineers loved these for their audio specs (we could barely pry them off their ears!), but when customer reviews came into play, it was clear they didn’t always stack up when it came to fitness features.

For wireless headphones (not true wireless), the Plantronics Backbeat FIT 2100’s provide the best sound, features, and price in our opinion. They are highly durable outdoors and at the gym, and the mobile app provides a decent array of fitness features and customizability.

For true wireless earbuds, the xFyro xS2 and Jabra Elite Active 65t both delivered amazing sound and fantastic cutting-edge features. But, in the end, we’d have to recommend the xFyro. While they don’t have some of the Jabra’s perks such as the 4-mic system and noise filtration, they beat out the Jabra where it counts most for athletes: the best waterproofing and dustproofing in the industry, a 30-hour power bank/carrying case, and a much more affordable price tag.