Do Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Cause Cancer?

Let me start by asking you a question: How much do you value your health? - I guess the answer running through your mind is “A lot.”

You might then agree with me that we are always looking for a way to better our health and run away from things that can take a toll on it, and this includes technology!

No doubt, it is a natural tendency to worry about technological innovations, whether they are going to affect your health or not. Wireless Bluetooth headphones are one of the innovations that have been around for a while, and there are a lot of people who have embraced it.

If you are looking for answers, read on as I provide you with helpful information:

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How Do Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Operate?

Earbuds and Cancer

Wireless earbuds such as the xFyro is a radio-transmitting gadget that connects with your devices via Bluetooth. 

Bluetooth is a radio frequency radiation that works by sending data over a short distance through the air. This is different from a cellphone that has to transmit a signal through a long distance.

The radiofrequency from wireless Bluetooth earbuds has a lower intensity and radiation emissions, which may not be strong enough to cause tumor growth that results in cancer.

Before making any assumptions take a ride with me to find out more about what the emission of radiofrequency can do to your health. We have gathered a handful of researches that shed more light on it. Also, you will find out how wireless earbuds can be of help and reduce any risk of harmful RF that can affect your health.

Is There Scientific Finding To Support The Notion That Wireless Earbuds Can Be Harmful?


  • According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention scientific studies are going on to find out whether it is true or not that the use of cell phone causes health problems such as cancer. The CDC does not have the science to link the use of cell phones to health problems, today. 
  • Also, Food and Drug Administration said that almost all the studies published about the effects of cell phone on human health do not succeed in showing a relationship between health issues and the exposure of human to radio frequency from a cell 
  • Furthermore, the Federal Communications Commission said that there is no scientific evidence that proves that the use of a wireless headphone can result in cancer or other health issues.

Even though most studies cannot prove that radiation from wireless Bluetooth headphones hurts your health, some prove otherwise. The World Health Organization (WHO) said: “Many shreds of evidence are suggesting that wireless Bluetooth earbuds result in brain tumors.” This is evident from the increase in the number of brain tumors occurring in the part of the head since people started using Bluetooth earbuds or cell phones.

 Do you notice the statement? “Part of the head” What does that mean?

Effects of EMF Radiation on the Head        

Where do you place your wireless headphones? Of course, it is near the head, directly in the ear, and this can be for long periods. This is where some hiccups lie. The longer you use a wireless earbud, the more the increase in the contact time of EMF radiation with your head and brain tissues. So, are there any health concerns? Yes! Some of them are:

  • Biological damageAn article by Dr. Andrew Goldsworthy published in a journal in March 2012, believes that radiations emitted by cell phones and Bluetooth earbuds throw off the signals of calcium ion and result in the leakage of ion channels in the brain. This disruption can damage the human brain, cause neuronal damage, and irreparable DNA damage, which increases the risk of cancer. 
  • Depression and headachesThere are numerous reports from users of wireless Bluetooth earphones that they experience headaches from the use of headphones. 
  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) – It has been linked to excessive exposure of the head and brain to radiation from cell phones and wireless earbuds.

Can Wireless Bluetooth Earphones Cause Cancer?

From the information provided above, it is obvious that there is no established scientific evidence to prove that wireless Bluetooth earbuds result in cancer. So, the answer to the question is no; wireless Bluetooth headphones do not cause cancer.  

Let’s dig in further!

Even though the radiation of EMF might affect your head and brains in some ways we have seen, the ability of Bluetooth from wireless earbuds to cause harm depends on its ability to affect DNA and cells. Radiation has to break your DNA molecular bonds to a point where the information is changed before it can cause cancer in a cell.

This can only happen through ionizing radiation, which expels electrons from molecules and atoms. When the properties of the DNA atoms are changed, and its molecule bonds are broken, the cell tries to reproduce, and tumor cell growth can potentially occur during the process. But Bluetooth is non-ionizing radiation that can’t break bonds of molecules and atoms in your DNA. So, it does not lead to the growth of tumor cells that can cause cancer.

Final Words and Advice about Wireless Earbuds

If you go to Google and try finding out the possible health concerns surrounding wireless Bluetooth headphones, you will come about the following:

  • Bluetooth causes the death of nerve cells and depression
  • It increases the risk of cancer and rare tumor
  • They are dangerous, but you can use protective trinkets to keep yourself safe
  • They can microwave your brain

These answers and many more are what you will find. Let us face the truth; any normal person seeing this would be afraid and cautious of using Bluetooth earbuds. They would think the habit of listening to their favorite jams through their wireless earbuds can give them cancer, attack their cells, and fry their brain. But you know what? Bluetooth headphones do not fry the brain or kill your cells; neither do they cause tumors or cancer. There is no scientific finding or evidence to support the notion that Bluetooth used by wireless headphones is harmful.

Oh! Let me drop these words for you:

The American Cancer Society said that using a hands-free device such as a corded or cordless earpiece and the speaker mode of your phone creates a wide distance between the antenna and your head. This reduces the amount of radiofrequency waves that get to your head.

Best Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds

If it causes cancer, will an organization like the American Cancer Society advise people to use a cordless earpiece? So why worry about using the best wire Bluetooth headphones to listen to your favorite tracks? Download those hit songs of 2019 and have fun using your wireless earbuds!   

Take note that sometimes, there can be an exception. What do I mean? If your wireless Bluetooth earbuds emit a low frequency, they may be safe to use without having any adverse effect on your health. Of course, these are the type of earbuds you should go for. One of the safest brands is xFyro earbuds. The xFyro brand builds its wireless Bluetooth earbuds with your health in mind. So, the brand ensures that their earbuds emit a lower radio frequency that does not pose a risk to your health.