Are Wireless Headphones Bad for Your Brain?

Wireless EarbudsEver since the rise of newfound technology like cell phones and Bluetooth products, several rumors have flown around regarding radio frequency signals damaging your brain. In order to figure out whether or not these rumors can be confirmed, we must break down what radio frequency radiation is and the potential risks involved in the use of Bluetooth devices. 

Defining Radio Frequency 

Radio Frequency is a particular form of electromagnetic radiation. Radiofrequency, otherwise known as RF, is needed in order for electronic devices to properly operate. It is utilized to help provide WiFi to your device of choice. RF is needed and found in tech products such as cell phones, smart watches, and Bluetooth devices: including wireless headphones.

 Defining Ionizing and Non-Ionizing Radiation 

Ionized radiation carries a large amount of energy to significantly affect DNA, sometimes resulting in cancer. Ionizing radiation is located in things such as X-rays or other medical tests, nuclear explosions, or sun rays. Since RF has non-ionizing radiation, it contains less energy, so it’s less likely to result in such a drastic way like cancer. 

RF is located at the low-energy end of the spectrum when it comes to electromagnetism. This means that it contains non-ionizing radiation, which is low energy that is able to vibrate atoms. Ionization happens when charged particles, like electrons, are removed from the atom. This instance can’t occur when atoms are non-ionized. 

The Effects of RF and Non-Ionizing Radiation 

Since RF contains non-ionizing radiation, you should be in the clear from receiving negative effects in your brain, right? Not exactly. Even though there has been no definitive proof that RF causes something as strong as brain cancer, it has still been known to negatively affect living beings and can still be a potential risk. 

RF waves can be absorbed in different things like liquids, food and even body tissues. Unfortunately, this radiation can produce heat, which causes burns and even damage to tissue. This doesn’t strongly hurt the DNA, but it can sometimes result in cancer or other brain damage.  

Harm From Cell Phones vs Bluetooth Devices

Bluetooth Earbuds

Any time your cell phone is using data, RF signals are being sent back and forth from the phone to the different cell phone towers closest to the phone. Since the RF signals are traveling such a long distance, it’s being transmitted a fairly high power, possibly resulting in damage to a person’s brain. If a Bluetooth device, such as wireless headphones, is being used, it’s less likely to damage your brain. This is because the distance Bluetooth and wifi signals have to travel are shorter than the length of cell phone waves. 

Additionally, it is more dangerous to hold devices containing RF waves up to your head, as this results in possible damage to your brain. Holding a cell phone to your head can also cause minor memory loss since the cell phone is held close to your memory temporal lobe. 

After learning this, it’s easy to assume that headphones could be equally as dangerous since they sit right in your ear. However, some wireless Bluetooth headphones are built with the consumer’s health in mind. A perfect example is the xFyro earbuds that feature component which emits the lowest RF signal possible. With earbuds such as this, you can rest knowing no harm will come to your brain. It’s actually smart to use Bluetooth headphones rather than cell phones or other electronic devices because Bluetooth devices actually consist of weaker signals than cell phones.

It’s also wise to take note of different power classes of Bluetooth radiation. When purchasing Bluetooth products, like wireless headphones, try to find class 3 transmitters. These are the weakest and contain less power and give off the lowest level of radiation from Bluetooth technology. 

Are Wireless Headphones Bad for Your Brain? 

Unfortunately, some studies have proven that even though they are safer to use than cell phones, wireless headphones still have the potential to damage your brain. Fortunately, tech creators have realized the dangerous toll using these devices can have on an individual’s brain. They have been fighting to prevent this by adding different improvements and changes to devices in order to produce safer devices for everyone to use. The xFyro brand made an excellent improvement and changes to their wireless Bluetooth earbuds. So the xFyro earbuds don’t hurt your health, and they are safer for your brain