Can Bluetooth Headphones Be Tracked

Bluetooth might not be the sexiest technology, but you know what? It is one of the technologies that cannot be overlooked as a lot of devices available in the world are now Bluetooth enabled, and the number keeps expanding. Newer devices such as phones, TV, and other smaller gadgets like headphones are now utilizing the latest Bluetooth technology called smart Bluetooth.

With the advancement in the Bluetooth tech, there are many ultra-small headphones on the market. Even though this seems to be a good development for those who want to get more comfortable listening to music, there is a problem. The smaller Bluetooth headphones can easily get lost. So what do you do if you lost your headphones? Should you forget them and buy a new pair or can Bluetooth headphones be tracked? Read on to find out!

Tracking Bluetooth Earbuds

Are There Apps That Can Track My Wireless Headphones?

At the time, there are some apps made available to track your lost Bluetooth earbuds, but most of the apps available specifically work with some specific brands of wireless headphones. For example, there is the Find My iPhone app that can help you find your AirPods on a map, and Bose Connect app that comes with the Find My Buds app to find your Bose earbuds. Additionally, there are other Bluetooth scanner applications such as the Item TrackR and Find MyHeadset that are known to work for other brands of wireless Bluetooth headsets.

While researching about the various apps available and known to track Bluetooth devices such as your wireless earbuds, I found that there were mixed reactions from people who have tried the applications. According to the reviews from various users, the apps work for some wireless Bluetooth earbuds while some did not find it useful. Nevertheless, using the apps to find your lost wireless headphones should not be overlooked. At least, anything possible can be tried when looking for a lost item and more so there is no failure in trying. With that said, what do you need to make these applications work?    

What Are The Criteria Needed To Track A Bluetooth Device? 

There are some criteria that you must meet, to increase the chance of finding your lost wireless Bluetooth earbuds

  • The Bluetooth headphone battery must be charged – when the battery of your wireless earbuds are running low before you lost them, there is a slim chance that they would stay on for long. This reduces your chance of tracking the Bluetooth earbuds.
  • The wireless Bluetooth earbuds must be switched on – Generally, you only have a better chance of finding a wireless headphone that was switched on before you misplaced them. A working and switched on earbud means you will be able to hear the sound coming out of it when tracking the headphone. Switched off earbuds gives little or no chance of finding the wireless Bluetooth earbuds by tracking them.
  • They must be paired to your phone and not disconnected – if you are going to increase the chance of finding your lost wireless Bluetooth earbuds, the headphones must be paired with your phones. Also, the phone that connects with your device before misplacing them should be used.
  • Be sure of the area where you have lost the wireless headphones – remember, you are not looking for your Bluetooth earbuds using GPS, of course, they don’t have one. This means if you are going to stand a better chance of finding your wireless in-ear headphones they must be close by. So, you have to be sure that you are looking at where you lost it. Guessing the area or place can make the chance of finding the earbuds slim.
  • Ensure the earbuds are not in the case – did you lost your earbuds together with the case? If yes, there is a slim chance of finding them especially for those earbuds whose case don’t allow Bluetooth broadcast such as AirPods.

Note that the area where you are trying to find your earbuds should be as silent as possible so you can easily hear the sound coming out of your device. If you think that you have met all these criteria discussed above, then you are eligible to try out the different steps of tracking your lost Bluetooth headphones using the different applications available. What if you are not eligible? Of course, there are some other ways you can track your lost wireless Bluetooth headphones. We will discuss more on that later in this article.

How Can You Track Your Bluetooth Headphones Using The Available Apps? 

In this section, I will show you how to track your wireless headphones using Find My iPhone, Bose Connect and other Bluetooth Scanner App. Remember, some of these apps work for specific brands.

  1. The Find My iPhone app for AirPod users

You can find your AirPods by using your computer, iPod touch, iPad, or iPhone. Here is how to find the AirPods using any of the devices.

  • Open the Find My iPhone application on any of your Apple devices. But if you are using a computer to find the wireless headphone, you should go to first.
  • Once the first step is done, sign in with your ID and password.
  • When you have successfully signed in, tap your AirPods. But on the other hand, you will click all devices as a computer user, and you will see your AirPods included. If you did not see your AirPods listed on the seen devices try to work around slowly until the AirPods appear on the list of seen devices.
  • When you tap or click the AirPods, you will see some indicators telling you the status of your Bluetooth wireless earbuds. A blue dot will indicate the location of your phone or computer and your lost AirPods will be indicated by a green dot which shows your wireless headphones are online. But if you see a gray dot, it means your wireless earbuds are out of range, in their case, out of battery, or off. However, you might be able to know the last known location.
  • Once you have confirmed a green and blue dot, then you are close to finding your lost AirPods. Go to actions and tap or click on play sounds. The lost wireless earbuds will play a sound that will get louder gradually. The sound will play for two minutes to give you enough time to track it and find it.
  • If you AirPods are not at the same location, you will have to track one at a time. When you play the sound mute either the left or right to find the first one and then the second one later. Once you are able to find your wireless Bluetooth headphones click or tap stop playing to stop the sound. 
  1. Bose Connect app for Bose headphones users      
  • Download the application from the Google Play store or Apple App store and pair your wireless headphones with the app
  • Tap the “Find My Buds” and the “Enable Location Services” feature. You will see the last known location where you used the wireless Bluetooth earbuds and the phone, and you will also see your present location.
  • Move towards the last known location of the waterproof wireless earbuds. When you are sure that you are within the Bluetooth range, you will be able to make use of the chirp button to play a sound via the Bluetooth earbuds.
  • Once the sound starts to play the sound, a voice prompt will start to get louder and louder gradually so you can easily hear them if they are near. Even when you lost them together with your charging case, you can still hear the sound coming out of the charging case.
  • Press the multifunction body on the right earbuds to stop the chirp or make use of the Bose Connect app. 
  1. Bluetooth Scanner Apps     

Unlike the first two wireless earbuds tracker discussed above, the other Bluetooth scanner apps such as the Bluetooth Smart Scanner, Bluetooth Finder, Item TrackR, Find MyHeadset, and more can work with a wide range of wireless Bluetooth earbuds.

  • Download and install any of the Bluetooth Smart Scanner apps from the Google Play, Apple App store, and of course, Microsoft Store
  • Try to locate where all active Bluetooth devices will be displayed on the app. Remember, the apps can vary in design and the way all the seen Bluetooth devices will be displayed.
  • Check if your lost wireless earbuds for running is on the list. If you can’t find them try to move around the surrounding where you thought you had lost them until it shows up.
  • There should be something indicating how far your Bluetooth earbuds are. A strong signal indicates that your lost items are near and weak signal strength indicates that you are far from its location. Take note, how an app will indicate where your earbuds are can be different from other apps. So, take time to know how the app you are using works.

Let’s say you have tried all the above methods for tracking your lost Bluetooth headphones, but nothing works. What will you do next? Should you give up? No!

Other Ways to Track Your Lost Bluetooth Headphones  

Even if the tracking methods above does not work for you, you shouldn’t give up on finding your misplaced earbuds especially if you have the best Bluetooth earbuds. Here are some helpful tips to enhance your search.

  • Try playing very loud music and increasing the volume of your phone to the maximum level
  • Calm down and think of the last place where you used the wireless Bluetooth earbuds or you remember seeing them
  • Walk through all the area where you remembered using it
  • Check the areas where you think the waterproof wireless earbuds should be
  • If they are not where you think they should be or where you usually place them, widen your search range and look at large areas. Also, search the messy areas and the small spaces of the last remembered locations of the device.
  • Ask people around. This can be your family members, friends, or/and friends. They might have taken it without you knowing or possibly moved it.
  • Keep your work and home areas uncluttered and be consciously aware as you go through your daily routine.  

What Does The Future Hold For Lost Bluetooth Headphones? 

 In 2018, Tile, a lost item finder announced that Bose headphones users will be able their devices if it gets lost. Today, Tile’s technology is now integrated into some of the latest Bose headphones for easy tracking of misplaced wireless Bluetooth headphones. As technology keeps advancing, there is a higher possibility that most of the best Bluetooth earbuds manufacturers are going to incorporate this idea into their products. If tracking technologies are embedded inside wireless headphones, it will make finding your lost Bluetooth headphones easier. So, let’s be on the lookout for the feature of tracking techs in Bluetooth earbuds!


Even though you can try the different methods and tips mentioned above to find your lost wireless Bluetooth headphones, there is one sure way of getting your device tracked. Do you know what that is? Keeping your best Bluetooth earbuds where you will always see them. When you are not using the waterproof wireless earbuds, keep them in their case and put the case in an obvious place. Don’t just drop them anywhere even when you are in a hurry.