Black Friday Deals 2019 - Best Wireless Earbuds Sale

There’s no better occasion than Black Friday to jump on the best Bluetooth earbuds that we’ve spotted on the market! – Don’t you agree?

With the number of launches in tech equipment over the past few months, most of us would have been scouring the Internet in search of devices that would complement our new phone or laptop. Unfortunately, most of these tiny devices are expensive.

 It becomes quite disappointing when the price of our favorite wireless earbuds goes above our preferred budget level, leaving us with the wobbly and nearly ruined earphones that we’ve had for years.

 We’re so amped for this Black Friday that we gathered the Best Black Friday Deals on Wireless Earbuds!  

  xFryo xS2 Earbuds 


 If you’re looking for best Black Friday deal on wireless Bluetooth earbuds, there is no better choice than xFryo’s xS2.

 Who said that well-known brands were the best? 

You’ll fall in love with its design. These stylish wireless earbuds come in 3 colors: black, blue or red. Adapted to any kind of lifestyle, the xFyro are extremely easy to use and won’t fall while running or swimming – Did we forget to mention that these Bluetooth headphones are waterproof?   

 With a battery life that can last up to 50 hours, you won’t be worried about charging your earbuds anymore, especially while travelling!

Let’s not forget the first feature that all best Bluetooth earbuds should have: The quality of the sound is terrific! Have a blast listening to your favourite sounds with xFyro! 


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Skullcandy Ink’d Wireless Earbuds

 Skullcandy Ink’d Wireless Earbuds

 For the Black Friday sale, these are one of the good performing Bluetooth earbuds that money can buy.

 A price as steep as $49.99 can give you a plethora of options, from flexibility of use to high quality sound and incredible comfort. While the design might not seem as posh as the Skullcandy regulars, these Black Friday wireless Bluetooth earbuds will give the most prominent sound you can ever get from a Black Friday sale.

They also come in various colors. So, you can definitely customize your purchase according to your own preference. 

  Powerbeats Pro Wireless

Powerbeats Pro Wireless 

Despite this being on the higher end of the price list for earphones, these Black Friday wireless Bluetooth earbuds are now on sale for $215, compared to its actual market price of $249.

 Ideally, these can be considered as one of the eye-catching wireless Bluetooth earbuds for Black Friday and you should totally check these out while it’s on sale. Coming with a case and the option for wireless charging, this wireless Bluetooth earbud has Apple’s H1 chip integrated within its contraption, making it just as equal to Apple’s second-generation Air Pods. With a seamless Bluetooth connection on any mobile device, these put the beast in the beats. 

Thus, the full package includes superb sound quality, a durable design, longevity in battery life, and convenience in connection with any mobile device.

Use the coupon code ‘SEPTSAVE19’ on Google Express to avail this limited Black Friday offer now!

2019 Apple AirPods

 Apple Airpods

Walmart’s Black Friday sale puts this flagship product from Apple on a limited offer of $144, reducing $15 from the initial price tag of $159.

 Amazon’s Black Friday offer also puts this bestseller earbud for 2019 on a sale of $169 from its actual value of $199. These Bluetooth earbuds are the fastest pairing earphones for Apple users, and also offer wireless charging. With the integration of the H1 chip on this 2nd generation Apple wireless earbuds, the Airpod provides a completely similar sound to the Powerbeats, except with a much lower price tag.

 Despite the design requiring a little remodelling, these are the go-to Black Friday wireless earbuds for anyone wishing to get high quality sound for the cheap prices offered by Black Friday.


V-MODA BassFit Wireless

 V-MODA BassFit Wireless

Need a suitable workout earbud?

 This Black Friday wireless Bluetooth earbuds for running will provide you with the comfort when you’re hitting the gym or taking a jog around the park. The BassFit headphones include a TritFit modelling which enables this wireless earbud to stay firmly in place, giving you one of the high quality workout earbud that money can buy. They provide headphone users high quality sound with excellent bass and complete clarity in audio. Get these Black Friday workout earbuds at $105 from its previous market price of $130.

Whether you’re looking for the best workout earbuds to bring your health back on track, Bluetooth earbuds for the new phone you just bought or simply looking for something cheap and workable, Black Friday deals will give you the value for your money. There are thousands of earbuds available for different consumers and therefore researching into which one is the best one for you avoids the discontentment brought out from ordering the wrong pair of earbuds.

One recommendation will be catching up with xFryo xS2 earbuds as it comes with great style, long-lasting battery and all the features suitable for you.

Whether the aforementioned earbuds suit your preference or not, these Black Friday deals are something you definitely cannot miss out! So, save up money and look out for the best deals that you can find only once in a year.