Best Truly Earbuds For 2019

Do you know that the best earbuds you can ever acquire are the wireless earbuds?  I am not saying that big wired headphones are not good. Just know there is no sure way you can fit them in your ear without you struggling with wire or neckband. With true wireless earbuds, there is nothing to cut on your zipper, get tangled in your pocket, and whack around your neck during a workout or while commuting.  

Therefore, if you want to experience that acoustic freedom of listening to your favorite playlist during activities, chances are you need one of the top-rated wireless earbuds. Most earbud uses Bluetooth technology to connect to your mobile device seamlessly. A great earbud should have some features such as good sound quality, waterproofing, and extended battery duration.  

Mind you, some of these devices might cost you a fortune, while others will merely cut your budget. In this article, I bring to you some of the top true Bluetooth earbuds for 2019 you can ever find on the market.

Let’s dive in!

Review of the Best truly Wireless earbuds

Jabra Elite Active 65T

    Jabra Elite Active 65T

    Are you looking for that wireless Bluetooth earbud with such great autonomy, built for sports and has extra amazing features at a lower price?  The Jabra Elite Active 65T might be the perfect option for you. This set of earbuds is ergonomically designed to fit tight to your ear. One quite impressive feature that comes with this earbud is the pillowcase which you can easily flip open and close tightly. This case also doubles as a power bank and a protective casing. The pillowcase allows you to charge your earbuds twice ensuring longer usage time. On it, you will find a micro-USB port for charging and also an internal and external LED which serve as an indicator

    It is built to offer IP67 waterproof rating, so you don’t have to worry about any contact with water and dust. They are ergonomically designed in a lightweight manner with gold and navy-blue colorway. Embossed on the earbuds is the power button (right ear) and the volume adjustment button (left ear). Also, the product offers an instant connection to your device, thanks to the in-built Bluetooth 5.0 technology.

    With the in-hear control in this earbuds, you still get to be aware of what’s happening around you (this is a good safety precaution). It has excellent sound quality but with some noises which are still okay considering the fact it’s a small device. Make calls anywhere with the in-built mic functionality. Also, it allows you to use assistant such as Siri for apple, google assistant and Alexa amazon to send in voice commands to your connected mobile device. These earbuds are good for fitness exercise and work-outs as they help keep track of your performance through its sensitive casing feature.

    Jaybird Run

    Jaybird Run

    The jaybird run earbuds were designed for athletes in mind. On first sight, you will observe a chunky carrying case that doubles as a charging device for your earbuds. The power case goes a long way to provide an extra 8- hour battery life to the four hours of the earbuds. However, the company can still try to improve on the casing as it pops open on its own.

    The Jaybird comes with an ear fin or gel which is essential to fit your ear. It also features 4-sets of silicon ear tips and silicone ear gels of different shapes and sizes. A double water resistant coating on the earbuds ensures it is sweat proof and durable.

    There is only one button on each earbud, and each button comes with a distinctive design. The right button helps to connect the earbuds to a Bluetooth device and automatically relates to the left. You can also play and double tap to skip. With the in-built mic, you can also take phone calls, use voice assistants and record podcasts.

    When it comes to its audio quality, the bluetooth earbuds offers a good bass detail, but it could trouble for tones with high notes. The Bluetooth connection leaves a dent on this device as there are often some intermittent drops which occur once, but when fully connected you get to enjoy the experience. All these features are designed towards fitness, but unlike the Jabra elite active 65T, the earbuds have no performance tracking or heart rate monitoring features.

    Xfyro xS2

    xFyro Easbuds



      Many earbuds are tending towards a waterproof feature as a unique feature, and the xFyro xS2 earbuds are not left out. The xFyro prides itself with making devices that are portable and easy to use. This is one sure companion when you are on a long hike, workouts or gym session.

      Unveiling this set of Bluetooth earbuds, I discovered a stick-like aluminum brush casing, which also doubles as a power bank and guarantees a 12-hour charge on the go. The casing is available as an option of pink, blue and black color. However, the case comes with no other distinctive design than the Xfyro logo. On the side edges of the case, there’s a small silicone magnetic patch, which keeps the earbuds in place and charges your device. Also, the case comes with a LED indicator, which turns on whenever you are charging the device.

      This earbud uses a Bluetooth 4.2 + EDR technology, which helps you connect your earbuds to a mobile device. The Bluetooth connectivity allows you to connect within a 30m distance from your device. They are officially IPX7 rated meaning the product is dustproof and waterproof. Additionally, 45mAh battery capacity is included to ensure you enjoy your music 4-5 hours.

      The sound quality is pleasant, but it isn’t something you are looking forward to if you are a bass freak. With an inbuilt microphone, you have an option of picking calls without the need to use your mobile device directly. On both earbuds, you have the power on and off button also indicating which is right or left. Mind you the buttons are limited in function. There is no place for adjusting the volume directly, which requires you to make a small sacrifice of using your device directly.

      Optoma Nuforce BE free 5

      Optoma Nuforce BE free 5

      The BE Free is one of the best Bluetooth earbuds with case that is made of sandblasted plastic. The case is also used as the power case. The hinges of this casing are made of magnetic material which enables it to flip open easily. Its charging case has long battery duration of up to 16 hours which allows you to charge your earbuds intermittently for over 24 hours and it also supports quick charging of your device. On average the earbuds have batteries that can last for four consecutive hours

      This set of waterproof wireless Bluetooth earbuds appear subtle with a textured black (matte) enclosure along with a button that looks like a glossy end-cap. The design is made similar to that of the casing. On the earbuds, you will find a LED indicator that notifies you when the device is either connected or running low on power. To ensure it fits your ear well, the wireless earbuds comes along with multiple eartips of different sizes.

      The earbud is IPX5 rated which makes it resistant to water, thereby making it fit to use at the gym. The one button on the wireless earbuds is designed to handle voice assistant, take or drop incoming calls, and importantly for playing music. Making calls and giving command prompts comes naturally as a result of the mic feature. However, controlling the ear tips is quite tricky when in use.

      The BE free 5 has a high-end sound quality. The high-end sound quality appears due to its driver make-up (diaphragm made of graphene). In terms of connectivity, the waterproof wireless earbuds use a Bluetooth 4.2 version for long transmission up to 10m. One drawback that may arise is with its connectivity which sometimes drops. However, once you get around this, be sure to enjoy excellent performance.

      Bose Sound Sports Free

      Bose Sound Sports Free

      If you are an athlete or taking a workout session, this is one of the best true wireless earbuds for running you can ever own. With the Bose, your acoustic freedom is fully guaranteed. It consists of a nozzle designed in such fashion to ensure it fits your ear despite its bulkiness. These sets of Bluetooth earbuds are available in stunning colors of orange, blue, dark brown and purple. They come in a pillow-like case that doubles as a power case providing two full charges of up to 10 hours. Also, it serves as a safe protection case.

      On the earbuds, there is the ‘Bose’ logo embossed on them. The product is a wireless earbud with mic which helps to give seamless voice commands and communication. At the sides of the wireless earbuds, there is a multi-functional button which is used to play, pause, skip, track or take and end calls. What’s unique is that they come with volume up and down button too. Just from the name, this set of earbuds gives you one of the clearest, audible sounds with noise cancellation features which is excellent at any volume.

      They are also water and sweat proof as they come with an IPX4 official rating. Their ability to resist water is as a result of the presence of a water repellent mesh that helps keep the internal components dry. The Bose sound Sport free relies on Bluetooth technology for connectivity. In terms of its connectivity, it appears to have the edge over most Bluetooth earbuds due to the presence of its external antenna.

      As an additional feature, the product features an app which you can install from google or iOS store. This app allows you to customize your earbud features to your suitability. With the use of this app, there is no cause to worry about losing the earbuds anytime soon with the help of find My Buds feature on the app. With all these features be sure to have an excellent workout or gym session.

      Apple Air pods

      Apple Air pods

      These are one of the best wireless earbuds with good battery life, seamless connectivity, and smooth audio quality. Out of the box, the device comes with a white charging case which guarantees it multiple charges up to 24 hours. The casing has a metal clasp which helps keep your air pods secure while charging. You might be a little bit disappointed as the wireless earbuds don’t come with more functionality buttons. All functionality such as adjusting volume, setting the alarm, pause or play is done by the assistant Siri. All you need to do is double tap the button to activate the apple assistant.

      The air pods are quite sensitive as they can determine when the earbuds are inserted or removed from the ears. That functionality allows you to maximize battery usage as whatever music or video you are playing on your mobile device stops. In terms of sound the air pods filter an excellent quality not much of high bass quality and treble, but it quite smooth and pleasant.

      Sennneiser Momentum True Wireless

      Sennneiser Momentum True Wireless

      The Sennneiser momentum true wireless is also one of the top-rated wireless earbuds you can find on the market today. Both the casing and the earbuds come with a unique material finish. High end and quite durable material constitute the makeup of this device.

      With this wireless earbuds, you get to experience music like you are in a live concert. The sound quality is only made possible with the presence of an audiophile 7mm driver. On the earbuds, you find multi-colored LED indicators that prompt you when it is connected, charging or has a low charge. It can fit in into the charging case thanks to the gold plated connectors and magnets that keep it secure when charging.

      The wireless earbuds come out of the box with silicone in-ear fitting that helps maximize comfort and prevents them from falling out. Embossed on the earbuds is a mic hole that proves essential for transparent pick-up. One unique feature that can never be ignored is its intuitive touch technology built on a metallic spin ring on both earbuds. This touch technology allows you to control music and activate smart assistants like Apple Siri and amazon Alexa.

      The connectivity is unique has it uses a Bluetooth 5.0 technology to stay connected to your mobile device. Due to its low latency connection, you get to enjoy uninterrupted audio and video sync when watching media content. It syncs along with an app downloadable from apple or google store to help you enjoy your experience.


      No doubt, headphone cables might be falling out of fashion, and true wireless Bluetooth earbuds goes an extra step further to provide the convenience of listening to your favorite music cable-free.  With the best truly earbuds for 2019 reviewed above earbuds, you shouldn’t have a problem making an incredible choice today. Currently, on the market, you will find many of this type of Bluetooth earbuds. Always remember to go for the best.