In Their Current State Are Truly Wireless Headphones Worth The Price Tag?

Let’s face the truth! You and I will love to have the latest and trending items in the world if we have the opportunity. This new age has ushered in a wireless revolution around us and whether we like it or not we have to trend with it and stay updated. Just like the device you are using to read this post presently, we probably have a lot of wireless devices invented today, and even some are yet to be unveiled. Interestingly, audio and sounds are not left out. We have the advent of wireless headphones that only requires a Bluetooth connection for audio perception.

With the recent dilemma of new smartphones and many other mobile devices coming to the market with no audio jack, there has been a growing rise in the demand for true wireless headphones. Anyone looking forward and optimistic to get rid of tangled wires and experience freedom will find it fit to go for this option.

Do Truly Wireless Headphones Users Get What They Want?

Many a prospect goes into getting a standard, truly wireless headphone. One is the fact that though the wireless headphones are cool, they are undeniably expensive, making them almost impractical to buy. However, the real questions you will ask are:

  • Are these wireless headphones worth the ridiculous price tag?
  • Do I have to break a bank to get one?
  • Do I need to take a second mortgage to experience some audio convenience?

Of course, if you are going to get a device at such a price tag, you would wish it doesn’t come with any cons. However, this is not the case as there are still some underlying improvement and research in motion. So, indeed you might be in for a disappointment. Imagine you just acquired a new set of truly wireless headphones at a price that dented your budget, but on testing, you discovered the sound quality isn’t as good as your old cargo of wired headphones. No doubt, you will feel disappointed.

Also, the need for you to charge the device right before the battery runs out and other inconveniences will make you wonder if you made a wise choice. In this scenario, you would want to ask if they are worth it after all.

Why Are Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Expensive?

Right from inception, these wireless headphones have always come with an incredible price even when the features weren’t something to look forward to. For a while, many tech brands that specialize in this innovation have gone through a boost, although quite a few others still need improvements.

In seeking to know the price worthiness of these wireless headphones, there is an utmost need to understand why they are expensive in the first instance. One thing is the fact that Bluetooth headphones are a rising innovation in the tech market, and they have probably seen their worst days in time past. Here are some of the reasons why they are expensive.

  • Portability:

Wireless headphones are portably made which makes them easy to take around. Portable design for a headphone usually requires smaller well-integrated components that can exhaust less power. Such smaller components are quite expensive. In an actual sense, a lot of innovations go into the making of these portable device headphones. The ability to integrate a lot of features to be like their big wired counterparts usually demand a lot of quality investments which at the end of the day increase their price worth.

  • Extra- inbuilt features

Apart from the fact that the headphones have Bluetooth wireless connectivity, it is worthy to note that a lot of impressions come with the latest pieces of wireless headphones. We have features like water resistance for Bluetooth earbuds like Xfyro, voice command assistant (Alexa, Siri) in earbuds such as Jabra Elite active 65T, and an ability to pick calls without using your mobile directly.

Many wireless headphones are also synced with some developed apps to customize your experience. We also have a casing that has an in-built battery to supply continuous power for a low charge. All these features come in no small measure of precision and a lot of technicalities. For example, a wireless headphone with the water resistant feature is a sure guarantee to be durable and long lasting, hence the rise in its price worth.

Does Truly Wireless Headphones Worth The Price?

To answer the big question, I would really say it will be on your definition of what a wireless headphone should be and features it should have to worth the price. Truly wireless headphones that come with a strong Bluetooth connection (like the Bluetooth 5), an apt sound that has no cuts and has some inbuilt technical functionality is really worth a high price tag. It's just like taking a luxurious ride in a Rolls Royce, with all the excitement and comfort you get,  I doubt if you would bother checking the fuel mileage.

Whether you are buying a wireless headphone for $85 or one around $175 the difference will be clear especially with the audio perception, IP rating, good Bluetooth connection, and durability. Take a look at Xfyro xS2 which goes at a price worth of around $250. This brand of wireless earbuds is built to be used while in the rain, while you shower, and when swimming as they come with IP67 waterproof rating. Even though the waterproof wireless earbuds are portable, they can house in a worthy noise cancellation feature that gives them a top-grade audio performance while still maintaining a top of class design and functionality.

Also, there are some other wireless earbuds for running, sports, and other activities at the same price point that worth their price. Bose Sound sport free is a good example. However, there are also some elusive wireless headphones that won’t pass the real price worth. Some are based on hype, design, and fashion than actual audio performance and durability. For wireless headphones like this, they are not worth the large price tag they come with.

Final Words

When it comes to technology, there is always a price worth for any level of comfort especially with the latest improvements with newer models. In their current state, we have truly wireless headphones that have reached a tone of perfection. For these types, we can say they are worth the large price tag. 

What do you think? Do you think the best Bluetooth earbuds are worth the price tag? Let’s know your opinion.