xFyro Scam: Is xFyro legit?

xFyro Aria and xS2 wireless earbuds, gathering fame due to the widely-successful Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign, were the pioneer xFyro product. Now, the company has expanded its product range, with the ‘New Generation’ earbuds being a prized addition to the mix.

Like any other product, xFyro’s sudden fame had people wondering, is xFyro legit? Among xFyro scam claims, many influencers, tech bloggers, and newspapers reviewed the earbuds positively. 

Is xFyro Legit?

As an audiophile, if you’re trying to look for a suitable option, your major question would be, is xFyro legit? Should you avoid ordering from them? Often, the price confuses people and makes them wonder if xFyro is legit. After all, it’s hard to find true wireless earbuds at such a low price. 

You can easily find earbuds priced at $50 or above in the market. But none of them have the same high-end features as xFyro buds.  While on the one hand, it’s a blessing for music-lovers, on the other, it raises concern since the price may seem too good to be true. 

Most people can’t wrap their heads around the idea of getting hands-free calling, long battery life, noise cancellation, water resistance, and superior sound quality in less than $100. That’s why they start thinking of the xFyro scam as a real thing.

Contrary to their doubts, xFyro is as legit as it gets. According to Forbes, xFyro earbuds ‘offer advantages over the competition.’ These include an attractive case and a water-resistant design. 

Forbes isn’t the only reliable source negating xFyro scam claims. rTings is a popular site that writes detailed reviews of tech products. They have hailed xFyro as being an ‘above-average choice for commuting.’ Furthermore, they say that it’s an ideal option for use at the office. 

The Headphones Addict regard the xFyro Aria as ‘decent true wireless earbuds.’ It’s a testimony in itself, considering the writers on the website are true audiophiles. 

Ordering and Shipping

For most people, audiophile reviews aren’t enough to rule out the possibility of an xFyro scam. Instead, they prefer learning more about the shipping process to confirm that the earbuds would actually reach them in time. 

We could let reviews like ‘super happy with my purchase’ and ‘would surely recommend this to my friends’ do the talking. Instead, we decided to skim through the xFyro ordering and contact process to determine if xFyro is legit. 

Like any other website, you place your order by choosing the product and its quantity. xFyro has slashed the price for the earbuds by over 50%, making the purchase a steal for customers. 

Next, you pay for the product using the secure methods available on the website. What happens after ordering? Well, you’re not left in the dark. Instead, you can track your order by entering the tracking number on xFyro’s website. 

Currently, the company has informed the customers that the orders may be slightly delayed due to Covid-19. Surely, we can be considerate of a pandemic disturbing business operations before saying that xFyro is a scam. 

If the customers still have concerns, they can contact the company by filling the contact form on their website. They can also email the company directly to resolve their queries. 

Bottom line: Is xFyro Scam Worrisome?

Keeping everything in mind, it’s easy to say that xFyro is not a scam. Is xFyro legit? 100% yes. They constantly update their website where you can find customer reviews and details of new products. You can also find them active on their Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook pages. 

As for shipping, it may be slow during the pandemic. But, it’s more of a system hurdle than a sign of business incompetence. Apart from that, the company’s overall setup is definitely legit, and you shouldn’t lend an ear to the xFyro scam claims.