Wireless Headphones For TV Watching That Should Be In Your Radar

How many times did your roommates or parents wake up due to your TV volume being too high? If the answer is “a lot”, you should probably keep reading.

Whether you are planning to binge watch some Netflix in your dome or to have a game night when your roommates are trying to sleep, a pair of wireless headphones comes as an ideal solution.

These true wireless earbuds are equipped with a tiny receiver that responds to the transmitter of the base station.  The base station is connected to your TV, which delivers your favorite program or game to you. And the trick is done!

But you don’t see these every day,  so how do you choose wireless headphones for watching TV? Scroll down:

Sennheiser RS120 Wireless Headphones for Watching TV

If you want to get the best bang for your buck for watching your favorite movies, turn to the Sennheiser RS120. Featuring an interference free reception, they have a low latency Bluetooth transmitter that offers you your final audio at a minimal delay of 32ms to 40 ms.

Down side? Once you connect them through Bluetooth, the battery life won’t last for too many hours, so you’re probably limited to one movie.

xFyro xS2 Wireless Earbuds

Whether you want to watch TV, listen to music or make a call, these cool wireless earbuds come with top-notch v4.2CSR Bluetooth technology. These earbuds are housed in a sleek compact case that acts as a power bank and charges them on the go.

The xFyroxS2 also have an aluminum alloy shell that blocks out external and ambient noise to give you an incredible listening experience.


The Astro A50 are also pretty good when it comes down to enjoying video content on your TV. Although they are mostly known as gaming headphones, they have a latency of 39ms, which translates to pretty good quality for watching TV.

But since these wireless in ear headphones are indeed known as best for gaming, they will offer you a sound profile that resembles an Xbox One or PS4 experience.

Plantronics BackBeat Pro 2

These Plantronics cool wireless headphones are versatile music listening accessories that work for both indoor and outdoor spaces.  With a low latency of 35ms they are considered the best option for connecting to home theatres.

Along with this feature, they have an apt X-LL-ready Bluetooth transmitter that works seamlessly to give you the best audio possible.

However, they lack a noise-canceling feature, so you might have to deal with external noises.

The Bottom Line

No one likes to watch their favorite TV shows at 20% or 30% volume. So to suit your needs and let you live happily with those around you, there are Bluetooth wireless headphones that are specifically designed for TV. They come up in various shapes and sizes, and you need to make sure what you choose for yourself.

It might sound silly initially, but if you think about it, there are a plenty of instances when you or your room-mates might want to use them. So what are you waiting for?

Choose your wireless headphones for watching TV and have a great listening experience without fighting over volume.

Shop the xFyro xS2 earbuds here today: