Why Wireless Headphones Are Better Than Wired Ones?

There is no denying the fact that Wireless tech is a strong trend. Technologies like 5G, 6G, Bluetooth, Infrared or Wi-Fi have simply taken over the world and all the utilities as well.

They have given us added functionality, extra convenience and wireless earbuds as well.

Equipped with the latest Bluetooth version, noise isolation, suppression technology and more, headphones and earbuds give you the freedom to put your device down and listen to your music on go.

Whether you find yourself spending time at the gym or running errands throughout the day, you won’t have wires swinging around you and you will be able to accomplish any task seamlessly.

But if you are still stuck dealing with headphones wires and untangling them to plug the cord inside your phone, here is what you need to know about wireless Bluetooth earbuds.

Wireless Headphones Are Portable

No matter what task you are doing, listening to your music with wired headphones interrupts your movement and hinders your productivity.

On the contrary, true wireless earbuds are “portable”: they can be carried anywhere and are made for those on the move.

They Give You More Control

Wireless Headphones let you do a lot more than just listening to music. Most of them are built to take, make, redial calls and also play and pause your music with ease.

Moreover, they also allow you to share your music with your loved ones without getting tangled into the wires.

Despite Some Concern, They Come With An Excellent Battery Life

There are wireless headphones that come with an excellent, sometimes all day battery life. For instance, the xFyro xS2 headphones come with a multi functional power bank that connects them magnetically and lets you enjoy a total listening time of 20-30 hours before having to recharge it again.

Along with this, they have 5 hours of battery life with one charge and a 30-minute quick charge takes your battery to 75%.

Wireless Headphones Connect To Multiple Devices

Are you an iPhone user? Do you work with Macbooks throughout the day or do you use no-frills laptops and Android operating systems?

Irrespective of the device you use, wireless headphones have a seamless compatibility with 99% of the operating systems out there and let you experience a concert hall in your ears. The xFyro xS2 are equipped with the latest Bluetooth technology and even connect with the devices that are 30 feet away from them. Moreover, the Bluetooth earphones with mic have changed the way we use mobile phones drastically.

They Give You Exceptional Comfort

Wireless headphones are usually designed to fit human ears comfortably and firmly at the same time.

With the availability of different sized ear tips, you can keep on swapping the entire range until you find the perfect fit for yourself. However, if you want the optimal fitting, our tip is to rotate the earbuds to 360 degrees in the ear until a comfortable seal is formed.

They Are Reliable

Wireless headphones are generally durable and reliable, as you don’t have to worry about wires getting bent, cut or broken.

Summing Up

Well, in this age of digital era, being tangled with wires is simply not acceptable anymore. If you are looking for headphones with CSR Bluetooth technology and extra long battery life, these wireless headphones are the way to go.