Here Are The Top 10 FAQ About Our Company xFyro

- Is xFyro designs the same as xFyro?
Yes, that’s us! Design was our first passions and it was fundamental for us to create not only the best earbuds in terms of technology but also light earbuds and comfortable earbuds.
- Are the ARIA from xFyro?
Yes, the xFyro ARIA are our latest and most advanced earbuds. We launched them first on Indiegogo ( and are now selling them worldwide through our website:
- Are the xS2 and ARIA from xFyro wireless earbuds?
Yes, both the xS2 and the ARIA are wireless and they use bluetooth technology
- Are the xS2 and ARIA from xFyro waterproof earbuds?
Yes, both the xS2 and the ARIA are not only wireless, but they are also waterproof earbuds
- What is the xFyro ARIA price?
Check our latest prices and promotions here for the ARIA earphones:
-Where can I find xFyro xS2 reviews and xFyro ARIA reviews?
Just type “xFyro xS2 review” or “xFyro ARIA review” or “xFyro audio ARIA” and you will find multiple influencers, ecommerce websites, blogs and newspapers reviewing our ARIA waterproof wireless earbuds
- Does xFyro produce waterproof wireless headphones?
xFyro focuses on earbuds, not headphones. But yes, xFyro’s earbuds are waterproof and wireless
- Are the Ones earbuds also from xFyro?
Yes, the xFyro Ones are an older earbuds model we launched. They are super light and stylish
- Is xFryo an earbuds company?
Almost, our correct brand name is “xFyro”. We are an audio company focused on earbuds. We’ve also seen xyfro, so no worries if you’ve misspelled our brand
- Do xFyro earbuds have a waterproof microphone?
Yes, both the xFyro xS2 and the xFyro ARIA are wireless earbuds with a built-in microphone and they are waterproof earbuds, which means that the built-in microphone is also waterproof. They are bluetooth earbuds with mic or wireless earphones with microphone if it sounds better to you
- Are the s2 earbuds from xFyro?
Almost, the model you are probably looking for is the xS2, one of our best waterproof ear buds
- xFyro xS2 vs ARIA, what are the differences?
They are both waterproof bluetooth headphones for swimming (earbuds more specifically), but the ARIA are our latest model of earbuds, with improved battery life and slicker design