How Can I Avoid Losing Earbuds?

If you love music or staying engaged with your favorite radio programs, then you will agree with me that earbuds are great! Unlike their chunky brothers (over-ear headphones), earbuds are small, portable, and more convenient to carry with you anywhere you go and listen to your favorite music or radio shows on the go.

However, these awesome listening devices are somewhat easy to lose or misplace especially the true wireless earbuds with separate right and left pieces. Although most wireless Bluetooth earbuds are affordable, losing your favorite or the expensive ones can bring a good deal of frustration which is just enough to ruin your day.

Sure, you may rush out and buy many different pairs of earbuds and even stock your home with it, so you have a pair to fall back on should you lose or misplace your earbud, but that’s not the standard fix. At least not for everyone. Your best bet is to avoid losing or misplacing them – but how can you achieve that? In this post, I am going to show you how you can avoid losing your earbuds or earbuds tips. I’ll also share some tips to keep your wireless earbuds safe and functional for many years to come.

Now, let’s get down to business!

Bluetooth earbuds

How to Avoid Losing your wireless Earbuds

Use Ear-Hooks

If you don’t want to lose your new or existing a pair of wireless Bluetooth earbuds, try using them with ear hooks. During your daily activities or workouts, your body is prone to sudden changes in position or abrupt body movements which can make the earbuds to fall off your ear and probably get damaged or missing in the process. The good news is: you can avoid this with the use of ear hooks.

The main function of the ear hook is to ensure that your wireless earbuds will remain attached to your ears without impairing your hearing and not fall off due to your sudden change of body position or body movements.

This quick fix works for both wired and wireless earbuds and will help to keep your earbuds on you comfortably, so you don’t have to drop or keep it anywhere else. However, you must remove the ear hooks from true wireless earbuds to store the earbuds in their charging case which is somewhat inconvenient. Also, there are various ear hooks available on the market today, so when you get your ear hooks, make sure you buy the one that suits your earbuds size and shape.


If you are shopping for a new pair of wireless earbuds, then it is best to go for those with built-in ear hooks. This type of earbuds will save you the trouble of looking for the perfect ear hooks that fit your existing earbud. Also, you won’t have to worry about losing your earbuds when you run, workout or engage in some rigorous gym activities.

Use Earbuds with a Shirt Clip

If you prefer wired earbuds, go for those with a built-in shirt clip. Using such earbuds along with a shirt clip can go a long way to help you avoid losing your precious listening device. With the clip, you can easily attach the earbud to your tie, collar, or backpack, to ensure that it stays with you anywhere you go.

Although the use of shirt clip is not the most effective way to avoid losing your earbuds, it’s better than nothing and can even allow you to secure your earbuds in places other than the pocket of your pants. Shirt clips only work with wired earbuds, so if you own Bluetooth earbuds or choose to go wireless, you may have to rely on other methods to avoid losing your earbuds.

Use a Binder Clip

If your wired earbuds come with no in-built clip, you can avoid losing it by wrapping it around a binder clip and attach it to your purse or backpack to carry it with you wherever you go. Follow the tips below to use a binder clip as an earbud clip and wrapper.

  1. Open the binder clip, place your earbuds cord inside and allow the buds to hang loosely in the clip.
  2. Grab the cord hanging below the earbuds and wrap it around the arms of the clip. Avoid wrapping the cords too tightly to avoid damaging the earbuds.
  3. Push the jack of your earbuds through the top of the clip’s arms when you’re near the end of the cord.
  4. Clip the wrapped earbuds to your purse or backpack to make them readily accessible.

Bonus: This method can also help to keep your Bluetooth earbuds cord from getting tangled.

Find the Right Fit

There are many different types of wireless Bluetooth earbuds available on the market, and each comes with a standard ear size. The standard sizes available on the market are a product of different analysis and research made on the human ear. Unfortunately, all human ears are not the same, so there is no one size fits all when it comes to the manufacture of true wireless earbuds.

One way to avoid losing your best Bluetooth earbuds is by using the ones that fit your ear perfectly. This can help to stop them from falling off your ears due to head-banging or your body movements. The use of wireless earphones that are smaller than your ear may not even be convenient or give you the best listening experience since you may have to adjust them constantly to keep them from falling out.  

To find the best size for your ears, you may have to try out different earbuds and select one with the size that is best suited for your ears. However, you can try using wireless in-ear earbuds if it suits your ear size well or your earbuds with ear hooks.

Use Neck-Siting Earbuds

If you own wireless earbuds with separate right and left pieces, you can easily misplace one or both since no strap or lanyard is connecting both pieces together. However, using the earbuds with a lanyard that can sit around your neck and link both buds together can help you avoid losing one or both at the same time. This will help to keep the buds together, thus making it easier for you to track both of them, so, if one falls off your ear, it won’t hit the ground since it is hanging on your neck and the other bud is tethered to it.

If your wireless earbuds come with no connecting strap or lanyard, you may find one on the market to keep the buds tethered to each other. You can also DIY one using a rubberized material, bling (if you love to accessorize) or anything that is functional and aesthetically pleasing. You can even opt for neck-sitting earbuds and save yourself the stress of finding or DIY-ing a lanyard to connect the buds together.

Get a Protective Bag or Case for Your Earbuds

Whether you are the type that loves carrying your Bluetooth earbuds with you everywhere you go, or you aren’t, you need to consider picking up a protective bag or case to store or transport them. You might be lucky to find a protective bag or case designed for your wireless earphone but if you can’t, get one that is designed for different earbuds.

Protective bag or case is bigger, thus making your wireless earbuds for running harder to lose. Keeping your earphone in a protective case or bag will not only help to protect them from getting damaged, but it may also provide a convenient way to keep and transport your power plug and lightning cable. Additionally, some of the best Bluetooth earbuds on the market such as xFfyro comes with a protective case that allows you to keep your earbuds safe when not in use and even charge at the same time.

Avoid Leaving Your Earbuds on the Floor

A sure-fire way to accidentally lose or damage your wireless earbuds is by leaving them on the floor. Always place your Bluetooth earbuds on your desk or in their protective case when they are not in use.

How to Avoid Losing Your Earbud Tips


Earbuds (especially the in-ear earbuds) usually come with silicone tips to give you a good listening experience and keep the wireless earbuds with mic from falling out of your ear while you’re using them. However, this silicon tips may fall off when you pull your Bluetooth earbuds out of your bag or pocket, thus rendering your earbuds useless. Hopefully, you will notice when the tips fall off, but if you don’t, then you’ll have to move up to the larger size silicone tips that come with your wireless earphones or simply buy new ones.

The good news is: you can prevent that from happening and keep the silicone tip of your wireless earbuds from falling off with the tips below.

  1. Take the tips of your best Bluetooth earbuds off.
  2. Put a very small amount of superglue on the earbud rim where the silicone tip sits. Make sure you apply the glue carefully and in a very small quantity, so it does not get down to your earbud’s driver.
  3. Once you applied the glue, put the silicone tip back into its right position. Be careful to avoid spilling the glue on your wireless earbud tips. If you used a very small amount of glue, you might be able to remove the tips and replace them with a different size if you need to.
  4. You can now relax and enjoy your earbuds.

How to keep your earbuds safe and functional


The following tips will help to keep your earbud safe and in a good working condition for years to come.

  • Avoid pulling the cable: Pulling your earbuds cable in a bid to disconnect it from an audio source will put extra stress on it, which may eventually damage it. So, when you’re disconnecting your earbud from your music player or audio source, avoid pulling its cable and pull its plug instead.
  • Avoid dropping them in water: Whether or not you own swimming earbuds or waterproof wireless earbuds, you should avoid using them in the rain or immersing them in water. This is because water may gain entrance into the earbuds and damage its internal components.
  • Avoid leaving them on the floor: When your earbuds are not in use, its best to leave them on your desk or keep them in a protective bag. Leaving the earbuds on the floor is a surefire way to get them damaged. Who knows, your friend might just bump in and accidentally step on them.
  • Avoid extreme temperature: Do not expose your earbuds to heat as it can damage the bud or affect its sound quality.
  • Reduce the volume of the audio before you connect or disconnect your earbuds: Failure to do this may damage your earbud’s driver.
  • Don’t overdrive your earbuds with excessively loud sound: Reduce the base and avoid playing music or sounds on a very high volume especially if your earbuds cannot handle the output properly. Playing music with a higher base level on a very high volume can cause distortion and may eventually damage your earbud’s driver.
  • Wrap the earbuds after use and ensure the cable does not get tangled. Do not wrap too tightly or you may risk damaging your listening device.
  • Use storage or protective case where possible: store your earbuds properly when they are not in use.
  • Use the right or the recommended charger for your earbuds.


Earbuds are portable and can easily get lost. When I was younger, I always buy super-cheap earbuds since I knew I’d certainly lose them, but that’s not the best solution. Sacrificing quality is not the best solution either. The simple solution is to avoid losing your wireless Bluetooth earbuds is to be more careful. However, being careful is not always the easiest thing to do when you’re juggling children or busy working.

Fortunately, the tips provided above will go a long way to help. But if you eventually misplaced your wireless earbuds, don’t panic. Try to remember where you saw it last and look for it. And if you can’t find it yet, keep searching and don’t settle.