Earbuds vs Headphones - What Are The Differences?

So, are you an audiophile? Do sounds like jazz, high bass, metal, and rock make you jump on your feet? Or do you just sit and figure out how the best quality of sound can pour into your ear?

Well, regardless of how you like your music, you must be familiar with terms like headset, wireless earbuds, headphones, and earphones.

wireless earbuds

They are similar in form and allow you to enjoy your favorite tracks on the go. However, with a myriad of forms come also a lot of important technical differences.

Some are wired, some are worn over the ear, while others are wireless bluetooth earbuds connected through Bluetooth.

So, if you are browsing for a new sound solution, and can’t decide between wireless earbuds and wired headphones, read here:

  • Design

Whenever you are looking for a device that stays with you throughout that day, it is important that you look for its design. True wireless earbuds are designed to fit into your ear canal, while headphones rest on your ear and do not seal your entire auditory surface.

Earbuds are light in weight and portable, while headphones are bulky in nature and it’s very annoying to wear them all day long.

  • Noise Cancellation

Whether you listen to music while travelling or plug-in when you are out for your walk, noise cancellation is a feature that excludes all the external unnecessary noise.

Now, when it comes to the best noise cancelling earbuds, they allow a bit of ambient noise so that you can hear what is going on in your surroundings. Which also provides you a measure of safety when you are out on the run or walking on the road.

But when it comes to the noise cancellation of headphones, it has a miniature mic that picks up all the extra noise such as traffic, air, and disrupts your overall listening experience.

Not only it trades on your listening experience, but also takes a toll on your listening levels too.

  • Ease Of Usage

There’s no denying the fact that earbuds are easy to use. Being light in weight and wireless in nature, they cater to all your requirements with minimal effort. Headphones, on the contrary, are heavy and get all sweaty when worn for longer periods of time.

  • Sound Quality

This is one of the most important features when it comes to choosing between earbuds and headphones.

While sounds depends mostly on the specific brand, headphones usually pick up some extra surrounding noise, thus reducing the quality of the sound.

Top rated wireless earbuds, on the contrary, have an excellent sound quality as they not only reduce the ambient noise, but also give you the best of bass, jazz, or the type of music you like to listen.


The Bottom Line-

So, if you want to enjoy a high-quality sound without compromising on design and comfort, the xFyro xS2 Earbuds are your best bet. With a clear wireless connection, they give you superior HD sound, exceptional comfort, safety, and allow you to share music without worrying about tangled headphones’ wires.

Finally, they are also waterproof and give you an all day battery life.