Debunked - 5 Myths That Surround Earbuds!

Well, we cannot deny that best rated wireless earbuds, headphones and earphones are part of our daily armors for surviving through our 9-5-work spectrum.

And there has been a lot of surge in the popularity of the earbuds segment in the last decade.

Not surprisingly, it is all due to the variety of music accessories available in the market. But despite the tremendous popularity and usage of the earbuds, there are some myths that persist around them.

Some say that loud sounds damage them; others argue on universal fit vs losing them all the time while running. Stop for a second and don’t get carried away as we debunk the top 5 myths that surround Bluetooth earbuds.

Myth 1

The Earbuds With The Widest Sound Ranges Sound The Best

A human’s hearing range is between 20Hz and 20kHz. Along with this, our ears are known to be most sensitive between the ranges of 100Hz to 100kHz. So, whenever you choose top wireless earbuds for running, make sure that they are in the above-specified range, not what sounds the widest.

Myth 2

Excess Sweat Ruins The Earbuds

Whether you are an athlete or a hardcore fitness lover, you are simply exposed to a lot of perspiration. Although it’s true that, in extreme cases, excessive water and moisture can reduce the sound output, waterproof wireless earbuds go back to normal as sweat dries out. If you don’t want to wait for that, there are some best rated wireless earbuds that are 100% sweatproof and can withstand submersion in water up to 30 minutes.

Finally, you also have to be certain that you clean your music accessories as per the manufacturer’s instructions.

Myth 3

Earbuds Come With A Universal Fit

If you are a music fanatic and your earbuds don’t fit as they sound, they are of no use.

It is also known that the size and shape of every human ear is different. So there is no universal fit out there. Instead, you should get those earbuds that come with various tips, so you can choose those that fit your ear best.

A tip for optimal fitting: rotate the earbuds to 360 degrees until a comfortable seal is formed in the ear canal.

Myth 4

All Noise Cancelling Earbuds Are The Same

Almost every music lover lives by this myth. But it couldn’t be more untrue as most earbuds, in reality, have little to no noise cancelling features. We often judge the noise cancelling capability of a pair of earbuds by their looks, but the truth lies in the technology used beyond it.

There are noise-cancelling earbuds that claim to remove all ambient noise, but all they remove is low frequency voices and droning noises such as air, wind, and road noise.

However, there are some best rated wireless earbuds that come with both noise suppression and isolation technology that lets you answer your calls and enjoy your music without missing any word.

Myth 5

In-Ear Earbuds Impact Your Hearing

It is one of the common myths that if you plug in the earbuds, they will damage your hearing.

Your hearing will be damaged when exposed to loud sound for an extended period of time. But the damage is not due to the sports headphones you use, it is due to the overall frequency of the sound.

Bottom Line

When it comes to myths surrounding earbuds. It is all about which earbuds you purchase and what your preference in terms of noise isolation and noise cancellation technology is.

None of the earbuds, especially xFyro xS2, will damage your hearing or will take you through maintenance charges. Give the xFyro ones a try, as we give you a 30-day money back guarantee as well.