7 Reasons Why The xFyro xS2 Earbuds Are The Easiest Purchase You'll Ever Make

Are you are a gym-freak, a swimmer, an occasional joggeror a tech-savvy? If you are any one of the above, wireless earbuds are clearly one of your most prized possession and a must have in your pocket.

But do you still use old school earbuds with wires that get tangled up whenever you move around? Does it make funny noises as the wires brush against your shirt? If you just nodded your head to any of those questions, you need to consider an alternative in the xFyro true wireless earbuds.

Checkout the smart features of XFYRO XS2 and you won’t regret buying them.

  1. Dive in water - You read that right. These Bluetooth earbuds are IP67 waterproof and dustproof. You can 100% use them while you swim, jog or bathe. xFyro xS2 has finally resolved the problem of having to bring your large speakers to the bathroom just so you can listen to some music.
  1. Superior Sound quality - When the music goes into your ears, that sentiment of happiness will inundate you.The xfyro xS2 will enlighten and brighten your mood with the ultra clear highs and the deep and rich lows. They prove as one of the best wireless earphones when it comes to the quality of music.
  1. Electrifying carrying case - The 6.25"L x 1"W x .75"H carrying case deserves a place in your pocket as it gives the best of both worlds. These wireless headphones are packed in a carrying case which comes in three glimmering colours and serves both as a power bank and earbuds charger. Isn’t it terrific?! Indeed it is. At a price of one, you are served with the full platter.
  1. Easy-breezy pairing - While the Apple AirPods may require a Mac and an iPhone, Fyro xS2 bluetooth earphones pair effortlessly with any device, Mac, iPhone, Android or Windows device. The Bluetooth 4.2+EDR technology connects the world of music from your phone into your ears. Brace yourself and get ready for a premium hassle-free listening experience.
  1. High-performance battery life - xFyro xS2 are the best wireless Bluetooth headphones with a promising battery life. Even if you are running out of battery, these earbuds are able to recharge 75% of the battery in a mere 30 minutes, which amounts to 3hrs of non-stop music. That’s a jaw-dropping battery efficiency.
  1. Bluetooth noise cancellation - The earbuds actively detect noise, inverse the waves while reducing the noise to render your ears a full-bodied sound experience. These noise cancelling earbuds will isolate the surrounding noise and offer a blissful sleep too.
  1. Hands-free calling - The Bluetooth earbuds come with an inbuilt microphone that is capable of transforming the sound quality of your calls. With a single finger touch, you can accept, decline your calls; play and pause your music. They are voted as the best earbuds for running by active runners.

These remarkable key features of xFyro xS2 are a breath of fresh air amidst the sea of mediocre earbuds and truly revolutionise the way we listen to our music.