2018 Lightweight Wireless Headphones That You Need To Know About

Who needs a headphone jack nowadays?

With the latest innovations in music accessories like headphones, earphones, earbuds, all you need is to connect your device with them via bluetooth. They have now become the epitome of convenience for music listeners and can offer you an incredible audio experience as well.

They are lightweight in nature and come with the capability to compensate the deficiencies in audio fidelity. Along with this, they also cater to all the music listening experiences: travel, workout, commute,  work or running.

However, if you still consider some Bluetooth wireless earbuds a little bulky, here are the top 2018 lightweight wireless headphone that you need to consider.

xFyro Lightweight Wireless Headphone

With the xFyro xS2 earbuds, you can simply live your life beyond limits. These wireless earbuds are light in weight,  waterproof. They give you a 30 hr battery life with the charging case and 5hr of battery life with one charge.

These wireless Bluetooth earbuds can connect with multiple devices up to 30 feet away and give you a superior HD sound. Equipped with the best of noise suppression and isolation technology, these earbuds are built to last and impress.

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Bose Quiet Comfort 35

Known as one of the industry leading headphones, they have an incredible sound quality, comforting fit, and the best in class noise cancellation. They have an amazing battery life and quite impressively these lightweight wireless headphones have a built-in Google Assistant as well.

Do they have a down side? Well, they’re not the best looking…

Beats Studio 3 Wireless

If you are primarily looking for comfort and not so much for audio quality, the Beats Studio 3 lightweight wireless headphone might be your ideal pick. These headphones have a great battery life, they work with active noise cancellation and are quite easy to get on with, especially for iPhone owners.

But back to the audio quality, it has an overblown bass that might not suit you while you are traveling or listening in solace.

Jaybird X4

If you are looking for wireless Bluetooth earbuds that can work for both running and comfort, go for no other than the Jaybird X4 wireless headphones. Featuring an excellent in-ear fit, they have a powerful audio performance that can be customized using the app’s EQ.

They have a short charging cable, but all in all they deliver you a good bass and a balanced audio depending upon your specific EQ preferences.

Final Words

Wireless Bluetooth headphones give you an exceptional listening experience and can cater to all your needs. Some of them, like these lightweight wireless earbuds, even work when soaked in sweat and water.

Choose your best headphones type and forget the days when a wire ran down to your device and got tangled up. No wires and light weight equal piece of mind.