10 Reasons why you need xFyro xS2 Waterproof Earbuds

In the 21st century, a few companies came up with wireless bluetooth earbuds that not only have changed the way we tune in to music but have also magically freed us from the shackles of wires. It was back in May 2005 when Korean LG Telecom teamed up with Casio computer to develop the Casio Canu 502S, the first waterproof gadget.  Since then, companies have been incorporating waterproof technology in many products. And today, technology has made waves and presented us with some sophisticated earbuds that are now waterproof certified. xFyro is a leader in the space and has impressed the world with its xS2 earbuds.

But what is the need for waterproof earbuds, when we have so many alternatives? Why spend more on waterproof wireless earbuds when we can save money and buy cheaper versions?

Let’s talk this through:

1. Waterproof, Sweatproof, Dustproof

The xS2 have IP certification. If you’re not familiar with it, this is what the IP67 rating stands for: Number 6 is the highest mark for authenticating a gadget dustproof, while Number 7 accounts for being able to resist water. Which makes the xS2 one of the best swimming earbuds on the market.

2. Leading edge Bluetooth technology

If Waterproof earbuds can resist water, they ought to have world class Bluetooth technology, to allows users to enjoy their music or join calls from a fair distance from their devices. This is a great feature that xFyro couldn’t miss.

3. They are safe

Waterproof earbuds, coupled with the latest Bluetooth technology, emit less radiations compared to smartphones. So, with these top rated wireless earbuds, you can stay hands-free and not worry about harmful radiations.

4. These earbuds will last

Unlike other types of headphones, xFyro’s waterproof earbuds are equipped with best-in-class technology. Coupling multiple quality features together requires adopting the highest standards. For customers, this means the xS2 waterproof earbuds will prove their worth as a true wireless earbuds.

5. Rich sound quality

Just like we said above, the inbuilt elite technology lets you have a whale of time. The xS2 earbuds serenely fit in your ears and give you a characteristic sound quality, thus impressing your senses and soul for an ultimate music experience.

6. You are a magnificent swimmer

In the event of being a swimmer, a surfer or any water sports darling, these waterproof earbuds are undoubtedly a must have gadget. No matter how adventurous you are, you’ll be able to listen to what you love.

7. Love jogging even if it’s raining cats and dogs

Apart from being a water sports admirer, there are die-hard joggers who love to sweat out regardless of the heavy rain. Don’t turn off the music, waterproof technology works perfectly under the rain in these wireless earbuds for running.

8. Emergency Battery

The high speed charging case for your earbuds doubles as a power bank to charge your other devices when you are in a pinch. Running out of juice? The xS2 have got you covered!

9. Bluetooth noise cancellation

Another major feature to look for is the Bluetooth noise cancellation. The silicone packaging around the ear, once the earbuds are inside your ears, help isolate background noise to let you immerse into your world of music.

10. Singing your heart out in the shower

Some people (us too) just love it!Showering might be the favourite part in a day’s routine. Waterproof bluetooth earphones with mic are here to enhance this experience. Bathe in style and sing your heart out!